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Video Player Help: Getting Started

Thanks for visiting! Click the music button to play a random music video. Search and scroll through various windows to find and watch music videos. An empty search returns popular new releases. The related button loads video results related to a video.

Choose a next video by clicking the star button and adding it to a playlist/cueing it to play next, or after switching through available videos in the current NextBar scroller, you can lock in your choice by toggling the next button or clicking the `Sounds good` button. When a music video ends, auto-advance loads the chosen video. Create an account to save your favorites and playlists.

Public threads have messages and users' favorite videos. You can add your current video post to an existing thread or create your own new thread. In most cases, including when threads are closed, clicking Ascendents℠ graphics toggles player windows and fullscreen mode.

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The NextBar

Select and lock in a random video by switching through the videos and then pressing the (NEXT) button to lock it in. There are also related and favorites buttons for quick access.

This area controls the play mode and which videos are used when streaming upcoming videos. The plant shows videos related to the current video. The clover shows random user-watched music videos. Like much of, you can scroll to see more information (in this case, on most browsers, you can shift-scroll videos from left to right).

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