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Mobile App Help is a website that is made to run in almost every web browser. It does not have an official mobile app, however; we have found a way to make searching as easy checking your notifications! Following the instructions below should help you get set up in no time! Here seem to be the two most useful options:

Step 1. Save one or both of the following image(s) to your phone:

Option A] Basic full search results page
Option B] "Go" Search (Automatically jumps to first search result video)

Step 2. Search your appstore and download a notification bar search app.

We recommend installing SearchBar Ex. In SearchBar Ex, click `Add` > `Search` > `Custom Search`...


Step 3. Configure your custom searches.

Here are examples of how to set the settings.
Choose one, or the other, or both.

Option A] "Search Results"

Option B] "Jump To Video"


Step 4. Enjoy!

Your custom search(es) will now appear in your
notifications list. You can also add
the app to your home screen.

There are many customizable features
and options, including recent
searches and search suggestions.


Click here for help setting up our RSS feed containing popular and recently searched video results!

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