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Last updated: 2018-08-29


The world we are creating is about the music. is here to bring out the best in everything. We do this by creating value in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Who is for? is for everyone who likes music -- actually, it is for everyone. It's for those making history one step at a time -- it's for those keeping the best and moving forward. is for artists, it's for songwriters, it's for video producers. It's for recording labels and publishing companies. It's for small businesses and affiliates -- of all industries. It's for fans! We are even about bringing together the internet's biggest companies -- this site is a combination of everyone, especially music lovers. It wouldn't be the same without you and everybody else to make this the awesome uninterrupted service it is. is served from a U.S. data center with premium tier-1 bandwidth and is accessed though the ultra-fast and secure HTTPS/HTTP 2.0 protocol. is designed to be cross-platform, but its Javascript, HTML, and CSS are optimized for Google, Chrome, Windows, Android, and other devices (both mobile and full-size).

Who does currently work with?

We ascend passed hurdles, barriers, and roadblocks, with individuals, music companies, and small businesses all over the world. Some that we work with include (not necessarily in this order) and are not limited to: LiquidWeb, Apple/iTunes, Comodo, iPage, CubeCart, PayPal, US Bank, Capital One, Evalon, Twitter, YouTube/Google, b2evolution, and Facebook.

Ascendents Corporation and, Inc.

Ascendents℠ is service trademark of the Ascendents Corporation in a non-exclusive licensing deal to for marketing its products/services. Other than some of the same management and using the Ascendents℠ service mark,, Inc. and the Ascendents Corporation are two distinct entities and are not the same businesses. News: Become a writer

To join our team of independent journalists/writers, have your news account information available and contact us, email [email protected], or use our corporate contact form. Video Player

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Ascendents℠ is a service mark of the Ascendents Corporation.