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Last updated: 2021-11-22

MISSION STATEMENT's official mission statement: "Ascend with us!"
ASCEND WITH US℠ is a service mark of the, Inc., Inc.'s mission is to ascend, and we invite you to ascend with us! We continue realizing our vision of ascending and discovering more ways to involve everyone and do better business and improve society, we hope to meet you along the way and find a way for us to work together too. We also hope to provide the most incredible experience for all of our stakeholders and shareholders, including: you, our visitors/customers (those who enjoy content on our site and and support us), our friends, and their businesses.

CURRENT BUSINESS DESCRIPTION is an online music and objective news website that features products from The Ascendents, and other cool brands.

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Ascendents℠ is a service mark of the Ascendents Corporation.