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Last updated: 2017-11-15

MISSION STATEMENT's official mission statement: "Ascend with us!"
ASCEND WITH US℠ is a service mark of the, Inc., Inc.'s mission is to ascend, and we invite you to ascend with us! is registered as an benefit corporation. This means that as we continue realizing our vision of ascending and discovering more ways to involve everyone and do better business and improve society, we hope to meet you along the way and find a way for us to work together too. We also hope to provide the most incredible experience for all of our stakeholders and shareholders, including: you, our visitors/customers who watch videos and support us, our friends, and their businesses, our music and video content providers, our affiliates, and our advertising partners. Be there.

CURRENT BUSINESS DESCRIPTION is a music video streaming website that uses advertising revenue to pay royalties to the music industry's artists and other rightsholders. Music videos are of any genre, including classical and international releases (in addition: popular, rare songs, concerts, remixes, etc). Its website aims to provide end-users with a superior viewing/interactive experience. Ad revenue is obtained through third-party website affiliate programs and also from advertising partners who purchase adspace directly through Royalty payment amounts depend on revenue and how often videos are being watched.


If you would like more information or have any questions, you can view our help section, contact our support department or email, Inc.
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Have fun!
Kyle Keith (President/Ascendent)


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Ascendents℠ is a service mark of the Ascendents Corporation.