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Last updated: 2018-08-29


You are important to us and our goal is for everyone to be satisfied with their experience. Whether that experience is as a visitor, an artist, or a small business -- we are committed to continuously improving our quality of products and services. It means that we are built around always looking for new ways to make our business better. We have an amazing circle of friends who happen to share that same desire. We aim to be the best ever.


We strive to be leaders who set new standards. By being the best, we hope it means that the best will want to work with us. When we work together, the better we do, the happier we all are. Each division of (News Division, Video Player, and Shopping Store) operates independently -- they each have their own operating budgets and each division's sustainability is structured by its industry performance.


Your security online is important to us. has undergone extensive planning, implementation, and testing phases and continues to do so in a mission to ascend, keep improving, and to protect your information/privacy. The only time we would store sensitive information would be if we need it to do business with you, and we would never share it with third-parties except for the financial institutions and payment processors we are working with. To learn more about how we handle your information, please read our privacy policy statement.


If you would like more information or have any questions, you can contact our support department or email, Inc.
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