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Last updated: 2022-08-06


"The Oregon benefit company is a corporate status for companies that aim to make a positive impact on society and the environment in addition to earning a profit" (Richardson, viewed July 21, 2017)., Inc. 2022 Annual Report

Still caught in the aftermath of the Covid-19 Pandemic and unfinished stories from the past few years,'s aim is to complete these stories and bring people the truth.

The stories continue to explain how, online we are in an imaginary safe bubble protected by surveilence and privacy settings, however; as time progreses, especially the automatic settings do not always end up serving essential privacy and security needs. Popular culture and hate culture is more intrusive than ever because people are judged by who they know, and there is no hiding. There is so much information that we get targeted for bringing the story. This level of control on society is greater than press freedom, people can't see the influence, sometimes it's aritificial intelligence, sometimes it's lack of leadership, sometimes it's a country's government, sometimes it's illegal activity. Pandemics keeping people at home and economic changes force people to find new ways to survive flooding the internet with cybercrime. Overall internet privacy is a concern and as the world gets smaller privacy is becoming more of an illusion. I shouldn't be writing this, and you shouldn't be reading this.

The problem needs fixing, but the future of this company is questionable: as without any support, being denied verification, and hated out of the professional scene, staying upright hasn't been easy, and questions of why try to have a positive impact after years of effort and research to bring something better for the public repeatedly and overwhelmingly gets thrown under the bus. Soon I'll probably just dissolve this and let it be. Let the newspeople report the news. Awareness isn't necessary. An earthworm can feel the edge but it still doesn't know the difference between real ground and a bucket of dirt. Do you think you can tell, or is this comfortably numb?, Inc. 2021 Annual Report

Since a change in YouTube's terms of service discontinued's streaming website and royalties programs, the business has undergone a number of restucturings to find a niche that provides as substantial of a benefit, as the royalty rates helped raise the music industry's bar of expectations so that content creators could earn more -- still today only a few websites pay as much as one penny per stream where-as exceeded.

In the number of restructurings, throughout all of our divisions, efforts to reduce waste and maintain the spirit of a benefit company, have not only been preserved, but became (even more-so) key aspects to our mission -- for example, we didn't just write news articles for ourselves and others, our articles set the stage to provide people with the most informative perspective. We didn't just sell products and do creative online projects, we strived and offered better services than the standard. We did more to help other businesses secure their websites, we blew open the market by giving customers secret industry tips and extra important information. We provided benefit in qualitative ways that didn't show up on the stat sheet, because someone had to/it was the right thing to do.

Many hot projects are in development phases -- including a new and super-fast mobile and desktop social media content platform with an enhanced level of privacy that also focuses on generating revenue for content creators and those who participate. Its aim is to give individuals and online communities freedom to choose a better social media option than the super-commercialized assortment available.


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