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Did you say royalties?

How are streams tracked? music video stream royalties are recorded in ~30-second blocks (depending on connection quality/speed) -- instead of counting plays, time blocks suggest a better represenation of which content is actually being enjoyed the most. Internet connections are not perfect, however; there is extensive coding to maintain monetization integrity, even if internet signals are cutting in and out. Also, there are artificially intelligent algorithms in place to prevent cheating/fraud.

Who are rightsholders?

We know that music consists of more than one component; is committed to seeing that all sides of the music industry are doing well. pays royalties to recording label artists, published songwriters, and music video producers, therefore there are THREE royalty components to an monetized streaming block: the copyright holder of the MC (musical composition), the SR (sound recording), and lastly, the VR (visual residual). When sending royalties to an Ascendents Royalties account, monetized blocks are automatically split three equal ways. If multiple accounts are rightsholders, arrange someone to be the administrator for managing claims and adding additional bonus video information.

What qualifies for royalties?

Our mission and vision includes the next-level platform for bringing music/entertainement industries together to create income. Music videos (belonging to YouTube categories #10 and #22) qualify. If you see a video that is improperly monetized, please contact support or email so that we can review it and possibly disable or correct its monetization qualification status.

How much is earned per streaming block?

Rightsholders are paid twice per minute, rather than once per stream. As a result, payment isn't about how much is earned per song or video, it's about how much is earned per time block. Royalty rates are dynamic and depend on several factors -- 1) advertising sales, 2) operating costs, 3) web traffic. If more royalties are being utilized than expected, then automatically adjusts the royalties rate for the rest of the period. Based on new expected royalties payouts, each week a new royalty rate is recalculated to be as competitive as possible. If revenue allows it, royalty rates will keep increasing at up to 5% per week. Read about being a Benefit Corporation and its Sustainability. Royalty rates are set to maintain the financial integrity of the company. If there are more royalties blocks than forecasted, the royalty rate automatically discounts to compensate. If there is a shortage in funds, royalty payments can be delayed and/or discounted further.

*(2018-09-05) Nobody bought advertising, and nobody requested royalties even though initially tried to offer one of the better streaming rates out there (compared to many sources, including those listed in this article and in this Information is Beautiful infographic), and YouTube is still awesome and lets us use their API. Currently, the royalties program is in mild hibernation until advertisers help generate artist revenue. Thanks, please contact us with any questions.
**(2019-10-10) Still nobody has purchased advertising, however; it has been used for charity promotion. The royalties program has been re-instated to be industry competitive, whether or not anyone signs up to accumulate and receive royalties.

Wednesday 1st of July 2020 10:33:52 PM Pacific Time
(42.00% thru the week)

This Week's Royalties Numbers:

Effective 2019-10-28 00:00:00
Current Block Rate: $0.010000

How often are balances updated?

When videos are watched and blocks are counted, royalties balances are instantly updated.

When do rightsholders typically get their money?

For account balances greater than $10, if electronic deposit is enabled, royalties payments are initiated the first week of each month. If direct deposit hasn't been set up, balances greater than $20 will be sent by check quarterly (March-31, June-31, September-31, December-31) to the mailing address on file.

What percentage do rightsholders get?

After affiliate sales commssion, even if all of it isn't allocated, 99% of the remaining ad revenue becomes available for royalties payments. For each royalty block processed, combined rightsholders pay is 98.01% -- for sending the monetized block to the payment gateway, keeps a 1% service fee. For receiving/administering the monetized block, we also keep a 1% service fee. We aim to give the music industry's stakeholders (artists, songwriters, producers, and fans) the best of all worlds. It's about the music!

What if someone else gets my money? assumes you claimed your videos because rightsholders typically want to collect their royalties as soon as it is possible to. If someone else has claimed your video contact support or email to have it corrected. Royalties already paid can not be refunded.

Is perfect?

We strive for perfect business relationships and guarantee to be free of intentional errors and omissions.

How fast can the money be accessed?

For an additional fee, a very special request can be made to pay off owed balances and initiate payment on the same or next business day (with direct deposit). Checks can also be requested. Special payments cost 5% or $5, whichever is greater.

Last revised: 2019-11-17

(2019-03-19) Added this screenshot to demonstrate how video owners still earn money through youtube and how we actively help promote sales of music content:

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