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How does the program work?

With a custom link to our advertising store, you can refer your friends and visitors to our program and earn 10% for every advertising dollar spent!

How do I get a custom link?

Visit our affiliate program and at the bottom of the page, create an affiliate account.

How often are affiliate accounts paid

Accounts with balances greater than $10 that have set up electronic payments (such as direct deposit or paypal) the first week of every month, otherwise; a check will be mailed to your mailing address quarterly.

How much is earned per sale?

Affiliates earn 10% commission on advertising sales. Customers using free ad credit promotions to make purchases do not contribute to affiliate revenue sales commissions.

Tuesday 11th of August 2020 02:55:23 AM Pacific Time
(16.03% thru the week)

How does this help the music industry?

After paying your sales commission, ad revenue goes directly to the available royalties payment fund.


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