Help: Working URL Address Parameters -- (Click here to go watch videos) URL Address Parameters

When calling directly with a URL, here are some parameters that can enhance the experience.

s - Search
Full page search results for the specified term.

Example: Punk

g and s - Go to first search result
Automatically plays first video result with the specified title/search term(s).

Example: Punk Instant

v,v - Play multiple videos
Loads a list of videos into a playlist


v - Play video
Loads the specified video


details - Details on load
Loads with video details tab opened


drive - Driver mode on load
Loads player with driver mode opened (do not use while driving)


v,v and playlist - Play multiple videos
Loads a list of videos into a playlist with the specified name


p - Load Playlist ID
Loads and plays a published playlist by ID.


thread - Go to thread
Opens to the thread name specified.


v and thread - Go to thread and play video
Opens to the thread name specified and plays the specified video.


fullThread - Thread full page
Shows more of a thread on a full page.


t, seek, or a - Time Seek
Seeks a number of seconds into a video

Example 1:
Example 2:
Example 3:

a and b - Loop
Plays part of a video in a loop -- a = start seconds, b = end seconds. Control looping in player controls.


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