Help: Working Together/Ascend With Us! -- (Click here to go watch videos) Tips and Tricks
Here is the complete list of tips that show when first loading the video player.

Tip #1: Clicking the Ascendents logos in the upper-right and lower-right corners maximizes the screen size.

Tip #2: Check the threads to see what others are sharing.

Tip #3: Highlight the (Next) button to lock in the next video.

Tip #4: Cue up next videos by pressing the star button.

Tip #5: Clicking a video's REL button shows videos related that video.

Tip #6: Videos with the SEEK label have descriptions with clickable times.

Tip #7: The NextBar at the bottom of the screen controls the video(s) played next.

Tip #8: The SideBar at the right of the screen has widgets to search videos and manage your account.

Tip #9: Join our advertising program today!

Tip #10: Holding down the shift key while scrolling the wheel of your mouse scrolls NextBar videos from left to right.

Tip #11: If a thread doesn't exist, create it by being the first one to post to it.

Tip #12: Read our help section about setting up a mobile shortcut search app to work with

Tip #13: Copy your recent and next up videos from an active playlist to a new playlist by clicking on its title.

Tip #14: Rename a custom active playlist by clicking on its title.

Tip #15: Read our help section for other cool tips and tricks.

Tip #16: You can join our advertising program and create ads for free!

Tip #17: Join our affiliate program!

Tip #18: Did you know that you can get paid cash for people watching your videos via check, paypal, or direct deposit.

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