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Last updated: 2018-09-11


Throughout, please make the most of your experience and have fun exercising your free speech rights, but try to be contructive with commenting. Any accounts and/or IP addresses seen or reported repeatedly spamming and causing problems can be suspended or disabled.



Objective stories are everywhere, but it takes a reporter to bring them out of Africa, or out of the hurricane, or out of the laboratory, or off the top floor, and present them to people's phone screens; to bridge the gaps between deep political/industry language with word on the street and common knowledge. Facts speak to all sides.

Consider the risks that anything posted online could potentially be shared without your permission. Fairly credit sources. Just because something can be done, doesn't mean that it should be.

Our writers are independently motivated -- that means they aren't being paid to say what we want. With our news section, we are simply creating a platform in which to freely report the facts. Support your favorite writers through their profile page's donation links.

Before making posts public, we make attempts to fact-check and moderate them for quality. takes no official ownership of created works published to our news site. We might use your content (such as sharing public articles) without pre-approval, but are reasonable about seeking author permissions for greater reproductions.

This platform is NOT about broadcasting hate suggestions, or even jokes necessarily. We have writers dedicated to unbiased reporting, and are not trying to position themselves on a platform known for trolls, rants, and/or opinions. Even when about the voting system, we are writing to not suggest one candidate over another. With divisive journalism, this site would easily lose its objectivity. Thanks.



Content on this section of is factual (to the best of our research/knowledge) and original unless cited otherwise and makes reasonable efforts to gain permissions for copyrighted content from correct parties before using. Special consideration is made when presenting content fairly for limited and transformative purposes (such as commentary, critique, teaching/information, etc.). We also make reasonable efforts throughout our community to verify facts and help maintain accuracy/integrity. In addition, we have made it easy to keep it real, comment, and/or reach us/our editors. Those choosing to be writers accept responsibility for their content/written works.



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