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Currently supported versions:

2020-01-04 version 6zt (beta)

Updates already in effect:

• Twitter player cards now show video previews instead of images
• Improved AI to mitigate quota limit with 2 second limit
• Added over-capacity message with link to YouTube
• Clicking on "Comments" now force-refreshes comments for current video
• Clicking on "Comments" now force-refreshes comments for current video
• Improved release notes to load thread
• Reduced error log/warnings
• Code cleanup
• Security enhancements
• Mitigated quota overload by disabling reload/fix for bots
• Mitigated quota overload by limiting reload/fix for undetected bots
• Mitigated quota overload by expanding bot user-agent vocabulary

2020-01-02 version 6zs (current)

Updates already in effect:

• Improved startup sequence to auto restart sooner if player fails to appear

2020-01-01 version 6zr

Updates already in effect:

• Improved startup sequence to auto restart if player fails to appear

2019-12-27 version 6zq.2


• Wiki now is fixed-width! Text-art appproved!
• Improved loading of comments switching videos without reloading
• 12/24 - Swiched advertising royalty product rate from 7x to 3x making advertising nearly half the price.

Versions below this line have been discontinued -- accessing them will load the latest current version:

2019-10-10 version 6zp


• Fixed advertisement size overflow creating scrollbars
• Lucky videos now regenerated on clover single-click if already in lucky mode
• Favorites now allow first page and last page in addition to next and previous
• Now starts up with visible SideBar to show video information by default
• Added &full parameter to load with a full-size window (see url parameters).
• Shortened height of default Wiki window.
• Fixed initial loading video-sync stutter
• Reintroduced basic royalties program
• Fixed buy this -- "Get this today" widget

2019-04-05 version 6zo


• Improved iPhone/Safari object compatibility!
• Lucky videos are now regenerated with clover double-click/tap
• Mouse wheel can now horizontally scroll NextBar video results without needing to hold down the shift key
• Mouse wheel can now horizontally scroll the NextBar and top toolbars

2019-04-02 version 6zn


• Fixed some viewer account login stuff
• Cookie disabling and other security enhancements
• Improved login functions
• Improved search results tooltips
• Improved 404 handling
• Upgraded sidebar search calls from version 6c to 6g

2019-03-23 version 6zm


• Improved ?thread= to autoplay first video in thread
• Fixed duplicate tripped error

2019-03-14 version 6zl


• changed retry on tab load to 15 seconds
• moved car mode above "now" panel
• url parameter "drive"
• added "song info:" label to buy widget so it's easier to tell which is the song title
• fixed seek url parameters: a, seek, t

2019-03-12 version 6zk


• Improved car mode buttons

2019-03-11 version 6zj


• Introduced CAR mode accessible with the steering wheel icon (do not use while driving)
• Improved RSS feed quality (
• Added threads list the full page thread viewer
• Fixed some login functionality on search pages
• New 404/403 pages
• Handler version 6zj
• Updated Account Mini Manager 5v
• Created Viewer Account Admin/creation Page ver. 6zi(current)/j(beta)
• Viewer alpha
• Updated front pages Search ver. 6g
• Updated Reset Password
• Updated video help docs
• Next bar `More details` now collapses nextbar as it shows expanded details sidebar

2019-02-10 version 6zi


• No longer calls slow-loading Twitter follow button widget
• Fixed when admin has not set video details on statup

2019-01-22 version 6zh


• Upgraded to PHP 7.1 from 5.4 -- in addition to being more secure, Phoronix stated, "the long-standing PHPBench is about 15~16% faster with PHP 7.2 over PHP 7.1. Or for fun if comparing it back to the PHP 5.3 days, it's 3.3x the speed of that once common PHP version." Decreased load times allow more traffic and a smoother experience.
• Removed "r" redirect
• Improved favicon cross-compatibility
• Fixed/improved "Search Lyrics" function
• New getvideodata 6zh
• Brought back wiki function so users can add custom txt to videos
• Brought back comments!
• &details url parameter shows details on load
• (More details) button on nextbar video info panel

2018-10-20 version 6zg


Video player front page login
Account Manager Affiliate set
Fixed utf8 sharing title text decode

2018-10-19 version 6zf


Minor advertising updates
Improved menu system
Autoplay improvement

2018-10-18 version 6ze


Fixed apostrophe for auto-suggestions
Fixed sidebar scrolling
Updated video player favorites module to retreive video information on-demand.
Updated documentation.
Improved email server SpamAssassin score

2018-09-05 version 6zd


Efforts have been made to separate/differentiate the news, store, and video player sections.
Unused advertising and royalties programs set into mild hibernation until further notice.
Changes have enhanced the video player speed.
Bypassed data cache check
Removed SEO Robot Follows/Indexes for video player components

2018-06-06 version 6zb


Fixed release notes
Changed startup side panel mode to hidden

2017-03-30 version 6za

Minor Updates

2017-02-30 version 6z

Minor Updates

2018-01-30 version 6y


Optimized interface graphics
Improved Change Rand
Theme Color #000
Doc updates

2018-01-06 version 6x


Fixed mobile responsiveness and improved player load
RSS fixed (

2018-01-05 version 6w


More minor optimizations

2017-01-05 version 6v


Minor optimizations

2017-12-26 version 6u


Minor fixes

2017-12-10: version 6t


Fixed history table

2017-12-10: version 6s


Fixed next history

2017-12-10: version 6r


History Page

2017-12-10: version 6q


Improved player loading time

2017-11-26: version 6p

Some updates!

Improved net light response
Added words to rand exclude defaults
Rephrased tooltips
Improved RSS feed

2017-11-17: version 6o

Compatibility Improvements

Delete from playlist in Firefox
REL button on SideBar in Firefox
REL button on NextBar in Firefox
Video Agency/Email changed to Agency/Contact

2017-11-16: version 6n


Switch icon title text says which number the shuffle randomizer is on.
Current playlist scrolls into view automatically
Various fixes

2017-11-14: version 6m

Boot response

Improved boot loader response
Updated documents
Various fixes
Introduced Affiliate Program

2017-11-12: version 6l

Code cleanup

Rearranged a few functions
Improved SEO
Network light improvement

2017-11-09: version 6k

User History

Optimized UH handling

2017-11-09: version 6j


Improved randomizer cycling

2017-11-09: version 6h

Ooooohhh yeahhhh....

Fixed loading error with Chrome

2017-11-09: version 6g

Threads + RSS Feeds

Document updates
CheckStatus throttling for slower connections
Improved home/search page. We now have full-screen threads pages and an RSS feed.

2017-11-06: version 6f

Minor changes

Improved next video speed

2017-11-05: version 6e

Minor changes

Document updates

2017-11-03: version 6d


6d restores functionality to subdomains and improves loading.

2017-10-31: version 6c

Be there for it. Just watch.

6c is the first new release. Welcome to
It is a complete rewrite with countless new features.
This is the beginning of something incredible.

In addition to the Ascendents℠ quality video player and search function, we have introduced two new programs -- advertising and royalties.
We made the royalties program to give the music industry the credit it deserves for being the most incredible force in promotions and advertising.

2017-10-31: version 3 final

The end of the old site.

For three years, the basic designs (the v1 original and v2 and v3 partial reload versions) have served countless millions of visitors, and literally, it would take forever to document the number of times and reasons over-extended its capacity. In addition, it would also take forever to document the number of user-enhancement features have been borrowed from us, however; a great site is deeper than user-experience. Instead of only physically expanding server capacity, stayed compact and invested in evolving technology by writing smarter code that brings the performance to the client-side, consuming less resources per visitor. The newest versions are designed to be even more scalable and sustainable.

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