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he's almost 60 yet he sounds like he's 25..
- faith all along -

"I love drums, but you know I am lazy (...) I still don't know what the other 4 strings are made for..."
- Alfredo Salvador Musmeci Fernández -

Page Hamilton (Helmet) one of my ultimate favorite bands ever! 🤘🔥🖤🎸😍
- Ana Lozada -

i love this dude
- Cancer Söze -

Super shifter is on my wishlist
- PMTluke -

Teese mod shoutout nice. Love the sounds on Betty and aftertaste the 2 helmet albums I bought back in the day
- PMTluke -

That. Was. Awesome. Page is a massive nerd and I love it.
- adam872 -

In 1990 I was in art school in Baltimore. There was a warehouse artist space near campus. Helmet played there one night and their PA broke. They played the whole show without vocals with about 300 art school kids gather around them in a circle. The energy was f*king amazing.
- Chris Soares -

just stumbled in here. ive never heard a helmet song, now i want to listen to all of it
- kuringmundo -

Prescription Electronics prices are going through the roof. Average Joes won't be able to afford them soon.
- Fano Boss -

I was at the show this night! It was awesome! Last time I had seen Helmet was at Summerfest in Milwaukee in the mid 90's! Helmet has been my favorite since Jr High!
- John Walentowski -

- Candy Dormizzi -

Page is the master. Such a talent.
- Reggie Clayton -

Thank you! Page is one of the illest of all time
- Jon Lauterer -

Still so Cool!!!!
- Matthew Yaron -

Helmet were one of the most influential bands for me. Along with Sonic Youth, Men at Work, and Dead Kennedys. This was so much fun to watch. Great band.
- kyouryoku1977 -

I have 2 custom shop ESP Horizons because of this guy. As well as the Ultra Lead. Very inspirational, Page.
- Locoandchooch -

He lost me when he got to the pedals, there's so much lol
- Socially Distant Andrew -

- unknown skyman -

Dang, he's got some music theory down. Wouldn't think from listening to his leads, which I thought was totally atonal random shitz.
- filitalian -