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I like helmets expression of rage. It's not the crackhead punching drywall kind of rage, it's more of the reasonable man pushed too far kind of rage
- Calvin Whittington -

Saw helmet in the 90’s I think with Rollins band I can’t remember but they were awesome man.
- danny lofaro -

Thank you Mr. Hamilton! Helmet will live on forever!
- kuljb -

Does anyone know what kind of strap Page is wearing here?
- devinthewax -

Get the band back together
- Manny Problems -

Page is the man js 😁
- Joey Lightsey -

One of the bands I hope I get a chance to see. I don't know how I've never seen them live.
- v8dreaming -

SINATRA is an AMAZING song... one of my favorites as well!
- wolfey 41 -

HELMET! 30 years of experience right there! That ESP guitar is also 30 years old... I am surprised Page is still bringing it on the road! SALUTE!
- wolfey 41 -

I've been listening to these guys since '94 and just finding out now they are dorky like me.
- Jody Lowe -

That's the only good looking PRS i've seen
- Axel Bergström -

Underrated and under-appreciated player. Page is awesome
- RedLikeWater -

That silver guitar tho...
- epidemika -

woow !! great info!!!!
- Pandro MUGGS -

Floyd makes an awesome replacement for that PRS 6-screw piece of shit called the rail-tail. Works for any 6-screw trem (PRS, Fender, etc.)
- Adam Youdell -

FANE (not THANE) speakers. Most notably used with old HIWATT amps among others.
- Martin Ros -

Page seems like a really cool guy his guitars are cool those pitbull amps seem really badass
- Daniel Blauw -

Man.. been waiting forever for a guitar w boobs. Thanks for letting me down Page.
- Ronin -

dammnn, honestly had no idea that sinatra was tuned that way, even the most subtle seeming differences can be a huge difference in reality. so i guess back in the day they tuned it to DADGDE rather than DADGBE, and the same deal nowadays except every string lowered down a tone. genius.
- el jefe -

He reminds me of Ed Begley Jr
- ColorOrgy -