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This was it for me 🤘🏽
- E RAM -

Didn’t he ise PRS on the original recordings? Pretty sure, John bought his old PRS and this was mid 90s.

Vancouver, Dec. '92, Ministry, Sepultura (Max), and Helmet! My 2nd concert. Still have my ticket stub. Thanks for the memories guys! Cheers
- Donovan L. Forsythe -

Page is a cool cat and legend. I'm not super keen on the newer Helmet stuff but I can respect not making meantime sound for 20 years, and people change etc.
So much history and gear knowledge and just energy to this guy.
Haha I love this channel.
- Heavy metal chainsaw - -

When you have a genus brain like Page Hamilton's, you need to keep everything else simple. This man is so practical and clean in his thinking, it's humbling & inspiring..
- Skanoza -

B4 rage b4 bizkit b4 korn b4 nu metal there was always HELMET. NYC smartest band. Smartrock rules!!!
- Mr. Videogames -

I’ve met Page and spoke with him numerous times over the decades. You’ll never meet a more giving and genuine iconic musician. He’s always more than willing to chat about anything.
- Darth Durkel The Wise Ass -

God ol Page Hamilton
- Fonzo Hernandez -

Super Gig Yesterday night at Locomotiv. Got One of those Clayton Pics from your Microphone stand ...CIAO Page
- mirco chiavelli -

Guitar genius
- Kenny boy -

the dude who gave Daniel Johns of Silverchair his now iconic battered green Mcarty PRS
- Taga Cale -

I taught my son, 'Unsung' as his 1st guitar tune. Great memory.
Helmet is the beezkneez
- John Monroney -

- John Monroney -

Such an under appreciated hero in the Metal scene! So many bands that rose to prominence in the 90s owe a lot to HELMET!
- abe1sapien -

What happened to the Harry Kolbe gear?
- The Greenman -

Whatever happened to the Harry Kolbe gear?
- The Greenman -

I will forever remember this show in Paris back in 2012, in a small concert hall for the 20th anniversary of Meantime's album. I was on the first row, I was very enthusiastic, headbanging during their songs (and annoying the guys around me) and so on. At a point, I saw Page smiling at me, get down off the stage, and he gave me his pick. I was so impressed that I had no word coming out my mouth except a weak "thank you". He is such a kind person and one of my teenage hero.

Know what you excel at and do it the best you can.

30 years what dedication!
- shadrock99 -

I absolutely love helmet and page I still listen to them on my iPhone I bought and downloaded to the phone
- finaljesus -