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🔥Bybit 👉🏻
🔥Bybit Tutorial 👉🏻
- CryptoJack -

I applied it, and now I'm making money. Thank you bro
- Kenneth Niñofranco -

This is quite helpful,i would recommend Mr Anthony belverd's trading services,they got master class strategies and make the best trades,think the minimum invest is between $500-$1000 am not exactly sure as i started mine with $3000 and I've been enjoying great ROI,his software is also one of the best in the market. You can reach out to him on [Anthonbelverd @ gmail .com] +1(404)994 1083
- Ethan Smith -

Can you help please, what TP i need to use?
- NnNikirtal -

Depend how much you invest to make this 100$. With a small amount (1-2k) better you go with alts.
- Razvan96 -

Interesting strategy. I would recommend implementing this strategy at Blockchain board of derivatives!
- BTC to200k -

Awesome and Simple, Jack. which exchanger are you using ? is it apply for all exchangers?
- Gerald Lau -

Jack! Is this trading strategy also possible for the forex?
- Laurens van de hulst -

Thankyou. Yes this works looking back
- Death 4 us -

Thankyou. Yes this works looking back
- Death 4 us -

My exchange doesn't have that indicator :(
- Grillonic -

How can i get that chart?
- Omar Assad -

I can't get the Mac client to work, so working out of Chrome. Can't find the 4EMA. Is making four Double EMA with your values the same as the 4EMA?
- Kasper Viggo Jensen -

is this only bitcoin?
- Mirar -

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- Zoe Mcgrath -

Is this only for bitcoin or can it apply for other currencies??
- Adrian Tapia -

By far one the best explanations I came across.
- Piotr Skutnik -

Love your tutorials, Jack!
- Paulius Barvainas -

is this better than macd? im a total noob
- harleyharhartube -

so when do you buy
- Chris Durig -