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- CryptoJack -

so when do you buy
- Chris Durig -

Dude your my hero i learn a lot about this video of yours very helpful.. 👍✨
- When Shitcoin Lambo -

Hi Jack, I was wondering if you can illustrate for us the buying process when the chart on uprising that would absolutely make sense to us how and when make the quick decision.
- Activities with matt sharifi -

Glad I ran onto you this evening!! Most informative mate!!! Thank you.
- Harold Warnick -

Fake you, man
- zakaria hossain -

Doesn't seem to work on any chart . 5 min chart best coincides with the theory if your looking for when to buy . Great vid
- Justin guindo -

Thanks. I will try this today
- Checkmate -

Hihi, No more 4ema in Binance?
- Rediver Studio -

You wrong. Lagging indicators are not easy to trade. When they cross the prize was already to high. Do a live trading session.
- Oscar Mdakane -

It looks pretty genius to me if it works
- John Smithllc -

Is it something you could do on a smartphone as well through an app or a website??
- John Smithllc -

So this is a program that you put on your computer?
- John Smithllc -

I currently have a 48% return from holding onto my cryptocurrency for the past few months this gave me the info I was really looking for thnx so much and I’m now a sub 😄
- BrittsLife -

The link to the site to watch the 10 free videos doesn't work for me
- Nils Vanderborght -

Still relevant in august 2019?
- Nils Vanderborght -

do you also have a color order when to sell with this strategy?
- inXsights -

What the hell is an EMA for starters.
- John Blaszczyk -

- Emmanuel Edino -

hi Jack is this EMA particularly designed for day trade or can i use this in long term also or should i use 50 x 100 x 200 in long term? Btw im going to buy Blueprint soon as possible!!:D
- Tobias Olausson -