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Wtf syn 😆😍
- afrzl yoyoy -

Why doesnt matt shadows screammmmm live 😭😭
- Dat Sticc -

my favorite thing was how Gates just sat there drinking
- OmgLolWtfxD x -

Lucky boy. To hold that specfic guitar of Synister Gates is an honor.... if only he would have called me there. But congrats, your life is complete
- yuden rai -

Why its sound like knives and pen from bvb the riff
- Kellin Valenzuela -

Sinistergate crazy kkk
- Gabriel Miranda -

Get "The Doo" to play lead guitar. He's literally a human song dictionary and he can play any song in the world and makes it sound better then the original.
- Lexy Thomas -

That guy didn't know that the guitar was tuned down to D Drop. But anyway nice play.
- Napam Mongba -

Play It.. it Will Be Fun For Us
Thanks before
- DJ GunS Hack Your Life -

Damn bro save some pussy for the rest of us
- TheGhostOfToast -

Hey gates you're fired!
Hahahaha I almost missed that part
- Scott Manring -

Fans indo
- Fihan Prihadi -

That hair cut makes shadows look like a fit Marlyn Manson
- B3HEMOTH 44 -

- Ej Icon -

This was amazing !!
- Ratchet -

Sinister fking gates and his followers all enjoy this
- William Bowen -

3:14 wtf hahahaha
- Byronfrancis Ortega -

Legend has it this kid drowned in puss after
- Caleb Carroll -

i love avenged sevenfold they are my top fav band i love i will always love them to the day i die
- Sniping Queen69 -

this is definition of damn super cool band !!!! im so fkin cringe :'D
- Naufal rizq -