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This is my favorite song from Black Celebration.
- ecbcam -

one of the best bands ever created ever!
- crypto currbit -

The Orchestral Mix & Telam Mix Are Well Worth Checking Out

This song is one of my favorites. The album is great! What a legendary group. Timeless songs.
- Peter Alexeeff-Torres -

Always been a favourite of mine. Still sounds great today
- gary -

Poesía Infinita...
- Julian Andres Valderrama Martinez -

Another perfect song.
- Omer Sinai -

melancolia pura esta mis favoritas por una razon
- eduardo gaston gonzalez -

I would have guessed this was older. I think I remember when Black Celebration came out. I definitely remember when Music for the Masses was released.
- By Way Of Deception -

Love my Depeche Mode🥰🥰🥰
- Nillie Hardcore -

Este es uno de los mejores temas de DM en toda su historia, mucha gente no le da la importancia que realmente tiene, perfecto!!!!!
- Gustavo Coronel -

Such a great song. Wish I could write like DM
- Kitty-Alice French -

Absolutely brilliant, it may be their very best song, and it wasn't even released as a single to my knowledge, which is very hard to believe
- Jamie Sebastian -

Esa es mi casa
D.M es mi casa
Martín l gore es mi casa
Es poesía totalente
Son magia TOTAL
Hacen que se vea,
se toque lo que no se puede ver ni sentir
Le dan vida a las palabras. A los sentimientos.x🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤x
- Darla o Tarja -

i don´t know why but i can´t forget this song since 86
- raistakilhara -

- Omer Sinai -

I somehow to managed to learn this album by heart and then was able to put it on any time just on the mindsturntable
- Libor Supcik -

I'm listening to this song 30 years later with my own home and family tears in my eyes ....
- Emma Leadbetter -

With this 1986 year, they have chosen secret themes and minimalism but they have achieved one of their best work of art

Personally, I love all of their albums!
- cougarfoguense -