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I was wondering if you enjoyed the fame that Eminem gave you...
- Ingrid Roberta -

Both MGK and Pete have a lot of make up to make them look like shit. This video is full of symbolism as to how dangerous drugs are. Also Trippie looks like the frickin devil. That will scare anyone!
- Lea Hankey -

Why kelly do dat to his lungs

Someone who has there face tattoos not the brightest crayon in the box..
- travis lewin -

Tripié red looks like he was put through a microwave as a baby for 45 seconds
- Fernando Herrera -

“Play with death like i’m billy and mandy” 🔥🔥🔥
- Tim N -

Trippie is me when you first start a game and then get a bunch of things for your custom character.
- Tayler's Action Figures -

- Alam Valerio -

- Alam Valerio -

This song is Deep for real 🔥🔥🔥
- Maria S -

- Bedanta Leishangthem -

Terrible just friggin terrible
- Shelbys GT2014 -

MGK 30 looking like 18, he's meant to be on drugs???
- Omey Iin -

Не знаю как вам ребят... Но этот трек охуенный🍭👍
- Александр Леушканов -

love this song
- x_xSkullz_x -

I'm in my room sneaking and listening to this so my son doesn't know I like some of the shit he listens to 🤦🏽
- Yves Stardust -

Mgk would be about 5”11 if it wasn’t for that neck .
- Youcrosseyed H -

Trippie Redd looks like a dinosaur
- hellofromhell -

The begging is so great
- Avamakezbeats _ -

I need that CANDY 😂😍😂