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Everyone’s talking about their fav b sabbath song but let’s be honest Black Sabbath just kicks ass
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I wonder if...... Post Malone heard of this ?
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Beginning riff sounds like John Entwhistle's Smash Your Head Against the Wall
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grunge the beginnings of so many bands are here on this track.
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The end section... guitar and bass tuned way down to C# with standard tuning. Way ahead of it's time to go that low.
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Plágio da música da Vanusa, cantora brasileira
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Sabbath Bloody Sabbath: i love the lyrics to this song. I relate to it because i spent so many years talking to anybody & everybody, hoping that one of them would reveal "the" secret. But i only found if there was some key secret, well, every one else was just as lost as i was. Becoming an adult isn't that quantum leap in consciousness that you thought it would be as a kid. If anything, you just become more keenly aware of how limited your own understanding of life really is.
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This is a plagio from a brazillian singer called vanusa, the name of the song is "what to do" from 1973.
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nice scrolling.
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walt disney is dead yo
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That picture looks like from a alien Movie
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There's 599 people that can kiss my A$$!
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A mate of mine in the 70's said to me Black Sabbath are finished i said. Ok but listen to this mother fucker it was the song Sabbath Bloody Sabbath silence filled the room it was that good.
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Listen "What To Do" with Vanusa and feels the difference !!
- Felipe Antunes -


( Papi - Alf Soares. )

Lead Vocal : VANUSA.

( P ) 1973

Don't you feeling that it's hard
facing life with no fear
don't you somethimes over whine
living with no fun.

Guess you do but you just sit
and watch the world go round
and it hurt me when I hear
to say that you can do
but he can't ask me.

What to do. ( 3 x )


Well go out and face the rain
then a storm won't hurt so bad
be yourself that you are free
free enough to say you're free
be free.
Be free.

Well you walk out you just sit
and watch the world go round
and it hurt me when I hear
you say that you can do but
he can't ask me what to do.

Tell me what to do. ( 4x )

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Nanana ....

What to do. ( 3 x )

Yeaahhh ....
- Felipe Antunes -

Original Vanusa.Black Sabbath Copy.
- Felipe Antunes -

Listen "What To Do" -- with Vanusa --
and feels you the difference !!!!
- Felipe Antunes -