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Bog Blast all of you.
- Frank Atchison -

Listen to Vanusa - What to do!
- Vinicius Melo - El Carpo
- Brian Pampalandia -

Love this song
- Patrick Nowakowski -

Tony iommi said he was stuck for riffs making this album then he came out with this FUCKING HELL
- Kevin Hanson -

Lately i've been thinking that this song is the best thing they ever did. Imo.
- keith kelley -

Bitch go fuck yourself OK.
- Isaiah Mcdonell -

I have a huge problem no matter how loud I turn my sabbath up it’s never going to be loud enough I could burst my eardrums and I’d still want more
- Clay Dawgg -

This is art.

I truly feel sorry for the people that disliked this… They just don’t get it and just don’t know what they are missing
- Marc Kaufman -

Listen this brazilian song:
- Pedro Morgado -

Any one here 3020?
- hristos hristos -

dat riff at 3:18 though
- Museic luvva -

They just don't make music like this anymore....
- nursemedic17 -

At 4:50, sounds like Bill Ward kinda stumbles a bit... I've always loved that part, though! Gives the song a "human" element, plus, they were probably like "Eh, screw it!" Lol!!
- Peter Wyatt -

3.20 everyone in 1973's face fell off.
- Shawn E -

- Nate Fontana -

My god, that bass
- Jon Luxton -

752 people was sacrified in a Sabbath . . .
- Alexsandre de Lira Silva -

3:19 Morbid Angel was born
- Anthony Verplaetse -