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are you smoking or studying? ✨
check out the original mix here -
- the bootleg boy -

- Isa Castro -

un gato tiene un gato de mascota wuao

a cat has a wuao pet cat
- Darien -

- Bob Diddly -

This playlist got me through a lot of hard times. Easily one of my favorites. I love this gif btw. 🙌🏽
- Augi D -

La mejor recopilación que he escuchado hasta ahora, Felicidades.
- El poder magico De las gemas -

21:58 had to back it up and relisten to this one. I really felt that 👌
- Janel McClain -

This video motivates me to study like no other. There is something very specific about the image and music, it captures "the student life" perfectly- trying to chill while studying at late night, the way this cat's room looks (the backpack just thrown on a floor XD)...

It creates very specific atmosphere and I like it :D
- Fleur -

i was listening to this CHILL mix without headphones
and my mom thought i was watching some romantic porn with romantic music
- SabdeX -

- - TDK - -

24:17 NANI !?!?
- Shogun -

28:52 <3 my fouvorite
- El Bunker De Challo -

- Mehmet Can Özdemir -

Whooa oooh Whhooooa
- James Robertson -

cuidado, gatinho, para não queimar a cama.
- Wedson carneiro -

- Deisy Torres -

love your music
- Kawtar Bouzaidi -

Оу ваще огонь
- TheKerillChannel -

Y'all to worried bout the cartoon 😂

Music is so fly
These tunes are dope
- Lieb Wexler -

smoking and studying, what would get in your head?
- Petrovna BAY -