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BOC has at least one good song on every album they released. Love these guys they will always have a place in my heart. So underrated
- Absurdity00XP -

it΄s something about their sound.. something magical...
- Julie Arvaniti -

Papa Nihil?
- oswaldo fajardo -

I was blessed to hear 2 songs from Club Ninja in concert
- caden Steffen -

Dancing to this when WW3 over
- Mandison Gundamn -

BOC Rules!!
- Kenneth Morrison 1 -

- Davi Costa -

85 people have turned to dust and are not dancing in the ruins tonight.
- Jerome Lund -

This album almost RUINED their career (of evil) until Curse Of The Hidden Mirror helped them rise from the grave.
- scott sillen -

The avengers get ptsd from this song
- It's Me -

good song Trump wins..........
- kenton jones -

boring album-this is ok
- Robert Ommundsen -

BOC is awesome an always will be, have been a fan from my teens and I am 60 now
- Anthony Poole -

Turn and turn and UP!
- Tim Craven -

This song is under rated. It's just as good as "burning for you" or "dont fear the reaper".
- JungleHyjinx -

".......turn and turn and turn we must.....guess I'll see you dancing in the ruins tonight......." ☠️☠️☠️😍😍😎😎👀👀👿👿
- Robert Cubinelli -

Nice! ..... ¡Súper chingón!
- Darrick Guegonz -

It looks like a 4-way poké flute...
- joehoe222 -

BOC! Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, 1981, Great show!
- Will Arnett -

This rlly 80s
- dude b -