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🎼 Feardog's Spotify playlists:

<3 :)
- Feardog -

Thank you it helps me get ready for school! your the best!!!
- carlos roldan -

I love the fact it’s all chill here and there’s no drama it’s like the calming waves at a sunset so peaceful..
- Totino’s Hot pizza rolls -

Today is a monday
I woke up earlier than normal
I opened the YouTube
This was the first recommended video
I'm legitimately scared
- Isaque 2o7 -

this comment section is making me cry :)
- Stephy Buff -

Still here even after 2 years, it’s been amazing seeing u blow up. Stay safe all
- ChapZy -

I listen to this a few times each week, mostly when getting up for school, watching the sun rise and the dark fade, as my friends and I goof off on our walks and it bring joy to my heart
- disaster pinecones -

from this video alone I get like 7+ adds that I cant enjoy it and relax anymore :(
- cole -

<3 for u all. always luv urself. yes, im late lol. idc
- mini _ -

Here is a trick listen to the hole song or vid when ur done rewind it and ad free
- Benny Martinez -

Ok but like did u know switching could save u 15% or more on car insurance??
- Tiffany Sucks -

This gives me shivers..
- He He -

start your morning without worries today, okay? ❤️
- fredo in the cut -

The only way I can focus on a piece of work without sidetracking :)))
- Khaqan Iqbal -

Why is there a cat in almost all the vids for feardog when it is called fear DOG😂😂
- Mellow Wellow -

Whoever put ads in this video is a major chad.
- Hannah Lipschutz -

- suni gacha ツ -

These songs bring back memories with people I’ll never be able to love again. Quite sad but life goes on
- KidDizzy #2 -

The music is really cool and the comment section with no hate but...

Look at all the publicity
- Romane La Banane -
- IzzySkates -