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way cool
- robert t -

No one gets left behind bitch
- Hi There -

Tuning fork ... so many variables... take your roads
- Hi There -

- Hi There -

- Hi There -

Te amo jhonny depp
- Nahelia Limon -

Mir gefällt es ausgezeichnet, auch mit fast 60. bin ich immer für neues offen! ❣❤🤘😎 Mit der Musik ist der Haushalt🧹 fix gemacht!😁
- spatz19620 spatz -

Son y seran leyenda mis respetos😘😘😘
- Mon García -

The lord Jesus Christ himself
- None of them are Gods -

X xx
- Rio Rio -

Great song I love
- Alejandro Aviles -

I do not care who this is, it is damn good
- Bongholio -

Depeche mode & rammstein, rammstein, emigrate, til lindemann, knorkator & til lindemann, [8 bit tribute to knorkator & til lindemann]-8 bit universe, knorkator & til lindeman(8 bit), knorkator(8 bit), [8 bit tribute to knorkator]-8 bit tribute, knorkator, hamatom, stahlman, gothminister, deathstars, dope stars inc., deadstar assembly, powerman5000, spineshank, dope, drowning pool, stone sour, corey taylor, dave grohl, foo fighters, audioslave, chris corner, trash palace, placebo & kosheen, prodigy vs enya, faithless vs eurythmics, faithless vs the prodigy, madonna vs faithless, u2 vs the chemical brothers, timg, nelly vs green day, depeche mode vs green day, boston vs black eyed peas, kraftwerk vs shannon vs le tigre, gnarls barkley vs avalanches, snoop vs stevie wonder, police vs coldplay, snoop dogg vs flaming flips, nitzer ebb vs front242 vs depeche mode, grandmaster flash vs justin timberlake vs queen vs daft punk, pixies vs britney, pixies vs madonna & britney, team9 vs madonna & britney vs pixies, team9 vs pixies vs madonna & britney, depeche mode vs nirvana, team9 vs beck vs acdc vs micheal jackson, dunproofin', dj y alias jy, man with no alias, amusic, trauma child jenesis, wayfinder, sash! vs omd, sash! feat. whitelabel, sash! vs jarre, jarre vs sash!, jarre, hypnosis, laserdance, koto, radiorama, silent circle, bad boy blue, blue system and modern talking!!! GO
- Victor Korshunov -

Dankeschön . . . : -)))))
- Silvia Klaus -

Das ist nicht rammstein
- AnimalLIFE P.Z. -

Despite of really nice resulting composition of song, downvoting for wrongful advertisement.
No Rammstein here. Covenant, yes.
- MobileRDS -

- Eric Guile -

This Rammstein\Covenant thing is definattely D.Miller's tricky merchandise work. I don't trust that man at all. The man is a merchand, he sells records, plus intrest, he doesn't care about music anymore. Mute records became a mess with all it's new signs. Sometimes I worry great about Depeche. The man can sell anything and everyone. Tony.
- Antonios Koutsoyiannis -

Schwartze Sonne
- Mr. Black, Dallas TX -

C'est pas Rammstein mais Covenant !! Lol
- Mimi -