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So deliciously, heavy.
- Morgan McMahon -

5:05 es magia...

This is the shit you play when it's all going to shit.
- Peter Fountotos -

Moving. Touching. Really.
- Jaroslaw Klebaniuk -

Esto si es metal no la bazura de slipk nop
- Moisets cross -

This riff is heavier than Lizzo
- Ryan Evans -

Yeah I remember when you couldn't find any Black Sabbath !! God is Great 🙏
- Elwood GreyBuffalo -

That's hard to explain but as I sit here and listen I now understand that after all these years just how important this actually is. This music is timeless and all music that changes but never changes is timeless...
- James Wilson -

Has he had the coronavirus a long time ago and he got over it and he still kicks ass Ozzy Osbourne what a cool freaking song
- Harry Fire -

God bless the sabbath 🤟🏿
- Cristian 250 -

My neighbors still remember this song, one told my mother the birds won't land near this place anymore,
- Big Thunder -

Inspector Gadget..
- John Jordan -

Just listened to a bunch of Zeppelin.. Now I'm ready for the next level
- haga -

Man sabbath was heavy
- Sideshow Bob -

I used to play Black Sabbath albums on my stereo in the 70's and you can definitely tell the difference between vinyl and digital. Digital may be perfect but vinyl gives a raw feeling that is unmatched.
- Deidre R -

That's like deathmetal bit more bumpish hell Yeaaaa

been looking for a Sabbath song I heard when I was a kid. Can't remember the name. Im 13 songs deep.
- Gregory illinivich -

WOW! So very Dark and Heavy, enjoy.
- William Baker -

Oh zi
- Aguzin Parrino -

1:25 damn , the bass man. Holy shit . Chillllls.
- zone out -