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Only NIN can make emo look awesome.
- Music Media Life -

Is it a requirement to have black, emo hair to be in Nine Inch Nails?
- Baron Von Kek -

when your children's, children bleed
u turned the gift of a game to breed
and the umbilical chord renders to
the hand of greed and your coins
are fingers turned into thorns as
your offspring's blood, now scorned.
- chris miller -

I played so much Midnight Club 3 on PS2 back then. To this day when this song comes on, I REALLY have to pay attention while driving IRL or I'll speed like a MF.
- Rabid Ewok -

Love this song.
- Linda Hollinger -

Imagine George W. Bush disliking this 3k times.
- Damian Ochramowicz -

I wonder how many people have changed their lives since this was posted.
- bluegold21 -

What does Brie Larson know about this?
- Black Bedbuck -

Love that they were on the Wanted soundtrack!
- David Clark -

Hey Trent, if you see this, I want you to pay for a game of mine: Carbon always has been the element overlooked as for power: We, are made of carbon, how powerful are we, really, in our wildest dreams.. How much of a punch are we everyday, as a specie
- John Johnson -

*Rock band Flashbacks start*
- Snyths -

Well I have been a slave to those who steal energy using radio waves. A hand that feeds. A ling rest I need. Time reverse roles with those on my body that pay a t toll. Guess I will set and get fat. While other can beat others with a baseball bat. My bank account can grow. As others can work in a field with a plow and hoe. As they work on in the fields. My pennies all virgina it gets to feel.
- William Vinyard -

Remember when trent renzor was under investigation for his own death that never happened by the FBI lol good times
- Faith Wheeler -

Midnight club 3 rip😭

Do you still believe in the people Trent?
- P.D. S -

The answer is no. Nobody would stand up to Dick Cheney. So we'll all just stay down on our knees.
- whickervision -

Just wow!
- timux mess -

He's perfection in every way
- Ande Dane -

Origins of the glitch aesthetic?
- Adam Jaxn -

The sounds more like house music than anything I can guarantee a none of the instruments in the song I real
- ConnectuPower Music -