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Trent Reznor is really one of a kind!
I still adore this song.
Look y'all Trent has been rocking that super cut since 89. So snape copied him. Get it straight.
- Fred Rung -

I still find it odd seeing someone other than Robin Finck playing guitar for NIN
- Admonius -

I love this video...the glitchiness...ace.
- Paul GR -

A w e s o m e! ★ I love that!!! Trent Reznor fucking great singer!!! ★
- MonA MinA Vanderwaal dAviS -

Hear from black mirror. Ashley O.
- Matt Mcnamara -

you gise are amazing i listen to you every day
- Chloe Ingram -

i'm here from eb hey ba from renard and holy fuck im so glad
- brōken static -

Fkn millennials! All these meaningless insignificant comments WTF!!!!!!
- B XS -

Thanks for Rock Band 1 and Midnight Club 3.
- Wesley C -

- Roland enigma -

Can't decide if TR just picks his musicians from an all-black-haired pool, or if they're required to dye it to match him. ponders
- Protea Mundii -

back in the day when he looked like a mop
but a cute mop lets be honest
- hellish -

I cannot wait until the vinyl remaster of this album comes out. This, The Slip, Year Zero, and the Quake soundtrack are getting remastered and re-released and i can't fucking wait!
- Ben Anon -

Came here to listen to this band due a friend of mine, but looks more like posers thant anything else
- Igor Herrera -

Trent Reznor hcecvrbininobinimmomomonibubyvtxrawzzrcuvyunpn
- Cthulhu Juju -

Capt. Marvel brought me here
- Erwin John -

Genius is an over used superlative these days. But this guy is a musical genius!
The Hand That Feeds by Severus And The Snapes.
- Victor Cornejo -

- Gary Urbany -

Needs more interlacing.
- ThreeEcho7 -

That's Twiggy from Marilyn Manson on the bass
One day, my cat bit my dad's hand. So he picked her up and danced her around and sang this song.
- José Ignacio Lata Pérez -