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The revolution is now the time has come.

Wow love it you’re everything I ever wanted Trent xxxxxxx
- Annette Carrington -

Muscular Trent looks so...I don't know...Weird...
- p0lish beer -

Reznor. Prince. Bowie. These stars all shine with the same brilliance.
- Drew Millett -

I conceived at this song #noshame
- MyToni82 -

IVTC Deinterlacing please
- Joshua Sachs -

- Allie Henline -

midnight club 3
- alessandro da silva peres -

3:34 What an amp!
- Diego Ambrósio -

Sandstorm vibe??
- Faith Wheeler -

If you asked the NFL players by their actions already you would have to say they said yes. I will never bow down to any corrupt bastard. Lol Was documented in 70s by Coast Guard Brunswick Missouri having telekentic abilities, I have others too. LOL the corrupt involved in im0lanting illegally are going to HELL very soon also those using those implants to torment physically and mentally. FUCKING NAZI SCIENTIST SHOULD OF BEEN EXTERMINATED AT END IF WW2. THINK THEY GETTING AWAY WITH CRIMES AGAINST THE JEWISH ANYMORE. THE ANSWER IS NO FOR I AM OF JEWISH DESCENDANT.
- William Vinyard -

The New Striped Penguins
A Venn-diagram of COMMONALITY has many circles but the two most prevalent are NAZI and FOLLOWER OF JESUS. One way to OVERCOME commonality is through INFORMATION which is richest through STUDYING and lack of common bread like MONEY, SEX and DRUGS whereby one TRANSCENDS their existential state of SAMENESS and IGNORANCE through careful deliberation and RESEARCH of BOOKS with the aid of TOOLS (especially those marketed In most cases to the common).
- FaustusFBI 3760 -

I think this song is about Courtney Love. They dated for a while and she publicly made fun of the size of his c*ck.
- AgentOroko -

Díganme que no soy el único que vio a twiggy Ramírez en el bajo
- Edelos tu pinshi dios Ramón Jeager -

Bite hard! 💯🤘
- JeepZJ 101 -

strobe light
- milan tomic -

Funny that Al Jourgensen used to ridicule Trent as a lightweight - but I think Trent has had the last laugh
- Rene Harde -

The drummer for NIN is so good
- Benjamin Fogle -

Hinão da porra
- Thaylane Almeida -

like si conocistes a Trent Reznor por Marilyn Manson
- eder2630 -