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What a story ! heartbreaking.
- Johan Staelens -

Absolutely heartbreaking. 💔
- Janet Ward -

Goddamnit, another life and enormous talent wasted and taken by drugs. (Yes, I realize he perished in a fire.) You can blame others for Steve's
problems but had he kept a clean head and surrounded himself with a good team he may have survived nicely, with needed meds. What makes
this just a little bit sadder is that his supposed friends and bandmates, Mclaughlin and Lane, couldn't put bad feelings aside to pay tribute to Steve Marriott
- Mitch Gawlik -

It wouldn't hurt to pronounce his name right - and McGlagan's.
- DnA -

Really annoying,the way his name is pronounced Marriaaaat
- spacepicture -

lot's of iffy "facts" here.
- craig petty -

Itchygoo Park.........genius
- Corey Zimmerman -

No mention of Smokin' ? Hot n Nasty? 30 Days in the Hole? C'mon everybody?......
- Joe Valles -

"I Don't Neeeeeed No Docctor…".
I've played parties and bar gigs as a guitar player.
To bust out the E G A thru a crank'd Marshall and belt out that vocal from FE,,,, the best that's ever been.
- glen kepic -

Itchicoo Park ? I Was Ronnie Lane, Ronnie Wood Rod Stewart and Ian MclaugMcG The Faces face is bellboy in 1972 and over Michigan weber’s Inn. Lov Itycbcoo Park
- Ken Spitz -

A very sad ending to a very talented man! It seems like a lot of 1960s bands were bamboozled out of their royalties from their own work and that was not right in any sense of the word. Of course I know they became millionaires many times over but I was happy to see Paul McCartney get the rights to the Beatles songs here a few years ago. It was their work and they should be given
full credit.
- Phayzyre105 -

I saw Stevie with Humble Pie at Summerfest Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1973 and riot broke out...
- Vic P -

Steve M is the most underrated, underappreciated
Singer in rock history. I remember when he passed. Sad,, really sad
- 1369buddy -

Who does 401 dislikes? Really? You know nothing!
- Rose Tandy -

This is just fucking sad.
- Einbert Alstein -

If you truly love rock and roll, you should love Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, Steve Marriott, and Ronnie Lane.
- Paul Wilde -

He was a pure rock and blues singer. One of the best ever.
- Jack Michael Daley -

So sad that he was taken advantage of. I’m sure he suffered a lot and caused his problems with alcohol, schizophrenia, etc. May he Rest In Peace.
- Modeltnick -

Very sad ,robbed . Love his music
- Ian Mckinnon -

i seen steve marriott in 1981 backing up frank marino what a classic rock star steve was rip
- frank grant -