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Hello thanks for the video, please which of the wallets can I use to buy bitcoins in Africa, using visa

Mykel241 on instagram really surprised me he got me 10btc into my wallet within just few minutes today
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Mykel241 on instagram really surprised me he got me 10btc into my wallet within just few minutes today
- alva jay -

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Can anyone please give me some bitcoins in the name of humanity . As it can really help save my life .

- Talha Nadeem -

I love that you are so thorough in your explanation. Thank you!
- Arlene Montano -

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Why don’t you answer questions..? What are you selling???
- Joe Garcia -

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hi..i find your channel by chance,good informaion even my english weak..i knows bitcoin since it price very simple.when internet service enter my country and my city at 2011.since that time i try buy bitcoin but was all site refuse sell to me becuse of my country. and this unfair laws .. thank you
- qassim m -

I made a lot of loss investing , until I came across a childhood friend that works Finra, he introduced me to trader.robert on instgram and my profit so far has been growing rapidly
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I read articles about Bitcoin. Apparently in the UK (where I live) you need invest at least £250. People apparently receive a big cheque after a few days. Is that something that automatically happens or do you request the cheque? When pay once do need to do it again or is one deposit enough?
- Bigkid -

I only get internet through a laptop. I have no smartphone just the usual laptop computer. Do I need a smart phone for this? I do not know how to use it and never needed it as I am most of the time at home.
- Bigkid -

She looks like man
- Dumpi Dump -

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How could I put in funds in my account since there is no provision or link of a bank account?
- rossbeno -

@Mykel241 on Instagram got me 15btc into my wallet bitcoin
Thanks a lot... People won't just stop discussing about this good man
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