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Bitcoin trading  has been my family major
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- nathaniel Cohen -

Bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin, why do we feel crazy about it.
- Patterson Leach -

my GOD !!! this video is more than AWESOME 👍
- mukut mitra -

i spend 3 hours setting this up just to realise i can't do it from New Zealand.. SMH
- Mr lines -

Really informative.. You are amazingly lovable princess 👸 Casey.. 🌹 🌷
- Av Ali -

How long do you estimate with will be, b4 the use of cryptocurrency is mandatory in the U.S?

Conspiracy theorist said that soon we will not be capable, of buying or selling, w/o a chip, and "here's the kicker" they say we will demand it. Now what is all of these security measures all about really? For people with money, to get a good head start, on something that eventually will be forced on all of us, with or without all the over-the-top security measures? Just curious.
- Reference Desk -

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You just buy coin base, never heard of someone doing it for you, that sounds crazy.
- Johnny Dupuis -

Thank you madam, you have helped me figure out how I am going to invest in bitcoin and other crypocurrencies.

Do you have any referral links publicly posted? A woman that helps me earn money is a rare occurence. I wish to reciprocate.
- James Edwards -

i had video playing in background and SWORE a little boy was talking
- David Evans -

In the beginning I just wanted the set up wallet portion but I'm glad I didn't skip the security portion. Cool.
- m qwerty -

Coinbase reviews on internetn is awful, any alternative?
- Marcio Maia -

I love u
- Aurora Borialis -

Very useful video for beginners, let's try with TOKO/USDT pair on Kucoin exchange - it's my the most favorite because I got lot of profit on it. Good luck!
- Crypto Live -

XRP any thoughts ?
- Martin C -

I tattooed my Bitcoin wallet on my butt fight me
- Tim Hartsough -

Mr Joseph Berg is the most dumbfounding vendor I've gone over and I am happy he handles my trading for my advantage making extraordinary advantages.
- Christian John -

Bitqist should really be added to this video imo. As easy to use as coinbase but way more cryptocurrencies
- kevin8314 -