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I am a doctor in France
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Great Video!! Nothing beats engaging an expert in any trade, selfishness and greed has hindered many from doing this and they ended up running huge losses. I am currently at Martha's Page and what I see is impressive .
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- Alex Pablo -

Great video Casey...the best information I have found yet about crypto. I live in Colombia and so far the only exchanges I have found work in my country are Buda and Panda (coinbase not yet). Could I use the coinbase wallet anyway? Do you Know any other exchanges that can be used in latin america, in my case Colombia? thanks...
- Luis Carlos Sarmiento Breton -

You are very beutyful :*
- Banc Andrei Dan -

So... 17 minutes of security tips and then you go and create a wallet in a custodian service in which is them you keep your blockchain private keys for your crypto currencies!? What protect you if them or some hacker use them without your permission? Is that right!?
- Sam Primo -

Really nice content, i love it
- Antonio Rodrigo -

Omg! Seriously the best explanation youtube video I have ever watched! Awesome job cassey, instantly subscribed you for more great contents. Thanks a lot.
- Siddharth Singh -

I like your content. Looking forward to seeing more videos!
- Chick Constable -

She's made success easier than thought
- Sanjiv Bhagat -

hey casey i have a problem whith coin base i cant access to my account the code supposed to send it to my phone i dont get it please help
- ZINO -

Quarantine Them !! Oou
- Sekhara Marar S -

Great videos Casey, thanks!
- M0UKD -

There are is no customer care/ hotline to fix problems
1. Buy 2-3 recording books
2. Store all password and login info on the books
3. Make strong passwords- long passwords, special characters, no names. never store password on Lastpass etc.
4. Malwarebytes (link in description)
5. Protect your phone with passwords, Passfreeze with cellphone provider (Tmobile, ATT)
6. New email with Protonmail
7 Authy/ Google Authenticator
8. Coinbase account 19:24
- Shai Kotak -

Hi Casey, I just set up a Coinbase account. At 21:30 you mention the Authenticator 16-digit code in the event that you lose your phone you can link your Coinbase account to a new authenticator app. When I set up my account (in the United Kingdom), it didn't give me the 16-digit code. How do I go about finding it? Thank you.
- spinningrim -

Wow, sooo much info to absorb. No wonder why buying or trading bitcoin or crypto currencies is so intimidating to the novice investor/person with limited tech skills, and therefore, they don't move forward to buying any quantities. They would almost need someone experienced to set it up for them and yet still, so many passwords for fear of being hacked. All my trader friends avoid it for that fear of being hacked and the complication of preventing that from happening. Also, I get the feeling this channel is being sponsored by Coinbase, where many other channels are advising to stay away from Coinbase to avoid the higher fees and disclosure you need to make to get an account, almost like they may share info on you with the authorities.
- Ted Haas -

In fact today there are many platforms that have made crypto more accessible
- (2M 30) Cheuk Wing YU -

She is the best
- Fahad Ali Rajabali -

Good content for those who are starting in crypto. It is good to provide a guide for those who are not as experienced.
- Short & Simple -

1:29 hey amazing video me encanto espero el nuevo material me voy les dejo besis gracias
- Luis gomez -