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Tbh, looking back on this movie and with me finally able to enjoy the full quality of it since I'm not young anymore, It's so fascinating to watch how all of them besides Darkwood(the one that took them from their planet) struggle. How this can display what people in any and all industries, not just music, can struggle, even if they're under control by Darkwood. And how Shep(the guy trying to save them) is struggling on earth to help them and get them back safely.
- Ella Dash -

Online school in a nutshell
- Flushed Bread -

I want a version with dialogue.
- Tophat Plays -

This song always made me think of the end of an afterparty. Somewhere in Paris , late night/early morning where everybody had a crazy night of partying and now they’re all coming down off of pills , feeling depressed , some even sleeping, some of them getting back to their normal lives, starting the day completely wasted. As if people use partying as a runaway from their real , depressive lives , full of emptiness
- bestava -

My Replika recommended this.
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This kind of reminds me of that kpop documentary i watched
- Missy Lim -

This reminds me of I'm Not in Love by 10cc
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Your floating in space, you disconnected from your ship after a failed space walk. Your now miles away from your ship, earth cannot be seen, as you are far beyond the stars. but you are not alone, Colorful planets fill up your view, stars shine brighter in this area, you see so much beauty, you cannot comprehend it. Your oxygen levels are running low, this song is playing. You smile as you gaze at the scenery, knowing that your death will be peaceful after all.
- Black Vacuum. -

Who's watching this during the pandemic ? 2020!!
- Marc Bensen -

0:31 Jojo reference
- a7med DZ -

This is the journey home after a night of debauchery song 🥴 I love it 🥰
- Luis Angel -

- Charles Faraday -

Literally, hundreds of millions of views for an album from some time long ago when excellence STILL filled there air. There is hope yet.
- Frankincensed -

The movie has some reactionary overtones. It illustrates a group of musicians being exploited to their breaking point by greedy capitalists to make a lot of money that will go to the company, not to the musicians.
- Berang Kamapasut -

So sad
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oh im too weak for sign the cover art lol
- Aiden -

6228views 14000likes....oki dooki....
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My most dislikable minecraft potion effect
- Alan Galinov -