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Gân bach dda i chwarae pan yn byw yn lloegr
- Jason Chart-Davies -

Sounds American. Perhaps they were trying to get U.S. aid, lolol... but to do that you'd need to talk about oil more
- Draco Distortion -

Lmao this song is basically a fuck off from about 900 years of taking over Wales
- Anya The Nobody -

Twll tin Bob sais
- Mr Nice -

I think the future language of Cymru will eventually be some mongrelised form of Arabic. Cymru Cymraeg hasn't yet been sufficiently 'enriched' with multiculturalism, but give it time...
Dafydd Iwan has the luxury of speaking of "white flight" as something alien to his lived experience, but when the narrow lanes and high streets of Cymru Cymraeg become lined with so called 'continental' food stores & halal butchers with Arabic lettering above their premises, and when the locals become fewer in number whilst hijabs, niqabs, and burkas become more commonly seen, when Welsh children become a minority in their own classrooms.......then it'll be a problem for the likes of Iwan & Plaid. Then he would be singing: "Patagonia, here I come!". What price 'white flight', Dafydd...?
- RedWhiteBlack -

Gymraeg or Saesneg who cares as long as we understand each other, what ever language we have to resort to, too communicate, so be it, as long as we sre communicating, we're winning
- harry cross -

You know what I love Wales I love Welsh culture and I love the Welsh language which I am rather badly trying to learn however theres enough anti-English sentiment on here to stop me ever wanting to even go to Wales. It seems to me really counter-productive. You can’t blame every English person for all the shit that they did to your country. We are not all bad honest to God. What else are you supposed to feel deep sympathy with you? Please stop insulting the English. Surely its better that people are encouraged to learn welsh and care about Wales then made to feel unwelcome
- Bri-Anna Edwardine -

Cymru am byth!
- Lena Penrhyn -

Don't give up your language! Don't let the sassenach colonize your people just like the they have already done to everyone else.
- C McNabb -

Welsh was spoken in Britain before English .... what don't the haters understand ahah .. Iesu Grist
- Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd -

Gwych gerddoriaeth! Cymru rydd!
- eric1939N -

Ffwcia'r saeson! Cymru am byth!
- Gwyn Williams -

Is it Welsh or Gaelic? Never understood the difference my self if there is one
- Tim Ward -

I'm Welsh and work in England and hate me talking Welsh to my wife on the phone?!
- AbacusDialect J -

If the rationale behind speaking English is because English is "the universal language". What about Mandarin, more people speak Mandarin than English. Wales is a small country like mine but is a great Nation

Wú lún ní shuō shén me yū yán, Shàng dì shì nī d fù qīn, tā lī jiē nī                   Mandarin
Whatever language you speak, God is your Father and he understands you   English
Pa bynnag iaith y byddwch yn siarad, Duw yw eich tad, a Della chi,                  Cwmraeg
- Alexander Menzies -

@2:22 "improve depopulation".
Yeah in the Western world, they have been telling us for years that less children is better for the environment Yet the 3rd world has been pumping out children like rabbits, and now we are supposed except our displacement by opening our borders.
No way. If our governments wanted to improve things, they would model the Visegrad 4 nations and create a birth rate improvement program.
We know it's the Kalergi Plan in action: the destruction of the European peoples.
- Google Sucks -

I have been to Wales 3 times so far and I love it.. having heard this song I love it even more..:) Kind regards from Poland. P.S Welsh is so beautiful language believe me I would love to write this comment in Welsh...
- roberek2006 -

It seems that the issue of the abuse of Race Relations legislation that he refers to in the song (1:05) has now been dealt with.

Below is an extract from a document entitled "Recruitment and the Welsh Language" from the Welsh Language Board (dated 2009).


Since 1996 there have not been any unfavourable tribunal cases involving language and employment under the Racial Equality Legislation 1976.

In the Tribunal case of Boylan V Anglesey County Council under the Race Relations Act 1976 in May 1998, it was decided that Anglesey were correct to advertise a vacancy for a community youth worker as a ‘Welsh essential’ post and were correct not to place a non-Welsh speaker on the shortlist nor appoint that individual.

‘‘We can see nothing objectionable - nothing which cannot be justified - in the Council’s practice. If Welsh is an essential requirement, then it is sensible to use that as a criterion when formulating a short-list’’ “The unanimous decision of the tribunal is that the complaint under the Race Relations Act 1976 fails’’.

- MegaTories -

Fel Sais sy'n gwrando ar yr holl deimladau gwrth-Seisnig yn y gân hon, dwi'n dechrau meddwl tybed ai hoffai fo – yn benthyg ymadrodd o'n Hiaith Fain – hallt a finegr ar ei ysgwydd i fynd efo'r sglodion. Hen draddodiad yw beio'r Saeson am bopeth, wrth gwrs, ond ddyddiau hyn, mae'n debyg bod mwy o bwysau i ddefnyddio'r Saesneg yn dod o Fae Caerdydd nag o Lundain.
- MegaTories -

I'd really like to see english students learn welsh in schools
just because their country got invaded by a lot of tribes (anglo-saxons, vikings, normans etc.) over the past 2000 years and made their language what it is don't let them take ours it's their fault for being a weak country call themselves celts!? it's a shame being next to an egotistical country 
- Séra Argall -