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Still here in 2019
- Robmel Aaron -

No one else
- my nigga -

The legend lives on through music
- bwalya nsama -

Talk to me
- Jason Saunders -

If he was still alive I'd voted for him to be the US President

Best 2pac song ever
- Ashley Noe -

Aye 🤔
- Lil Codine -

CIA we need his dead on his enformisitions to everyone ✌️
- Musa Musa -

awkward to be named after the last Incan leader...
- Jonathan Cassidy -

Somthin evil in my i.v. i think they killin me!
- GATOR Ent. /Production BUFF Records -

sei la storia e l'ispirazione di questo stile di musica e di vita... still u rise
- Dark tommy006 -

That fell when you're metalhead but u love old school rap too. R.i.p. 2pac
- String fucker -

Pac 4 life

Rest In Power
- Margaret Velazquez -

I love the people saying still listening in "whatever year"......of course we are still listening to 2pac ppl are never going to stop listening to 2pac, these are facts.
- Chadlystrife22 -

This sabs life 2tru
- Amber Richardson -

2pac is God. God is saying only you can judge yourself.
- Jackson Fucci -

only god can judge me
- ibe sd -

i was raised on 2pac but ... the f*cking commercial before this was straight propaganda , they would kill us all... if anybody knew the truth...
- Such-n-Such -

In europe we live this political situation , i vote 2pac for president
- nadia khan -