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i have listened to this album twice a day for the past four weeks and i can feel my cognitive functionality increasing in complexity with each passing day and also my dick grew
- Forest -

- Daniel Aragon -

Uncle Tony's Drug Basement
- Shouly -

I used this album in the last 6 years whenever I had to shave. great story I know.
- In Decay -

From what song is the sample in coloring book taken from?
- DrymouthCWW -

man, this thing kicks in the head, thank you
- Francesco Staffiere -

Duke of Hazard has major Jetset Radio vibes
- Kratnoff -

I take this album with my daily medication as needed. Thankyou Blockhead & whomever posted this.
- ScienceofSpeed -

Too cacophonous and disjointed for me. Only found a couple tracks that I could groove to before the 35 minute mark and then was tempted to give up, but I'm going to soldier on
- Sirjamesalot -

my love My LOVE
- minipops 67 -

I do not think that I ever did glid before...
- Carlos Control -

This is what it is, and nothing else. And I love every second of it. My dick did grow smaller, though, and my balls shrivelled like a strangled wart. I picked them off and ate them.
- gmortimer20031 -

Never gets old for all d canaboids, cannabusters!
- Nikhil Shinde -

What is the type of these songs ?? pls answerrr ı have a homeworkkk ı must be fast
- Sudenaz Bayraktar -

Reminds me the first albuns of bonobo

tro b1 le son
- Thomas Etourneau -

O começo eu me senti em casa, aqui no Brasil. Muito bonito.
- Hugo Araujo -

had sex to this album while on molly, crazy shit
- bandman remy -

2/3 3/4
- Brian Bismark Campos Lopez -

I have two samples I so want from this badly from "In New York City" which is near the end and the elevator beat that has been making me bop my head everyday on the way to work @ 26:06
- Yello DaGeek Bambino -