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And he was in australia... Shagging supermodels
- kajda proste kajda -

Come to the club LA in Destin, Florida......will sell out many days 👍
- Life Is Good -

Justin... Love u 💕
- Sofia Akinn -

It's such a shame these guys are virtually forgotten in the UK.
- em diar -

Where's Izzy?
- sonicheadfuck -

He looks like james franco
- David Kuykendall -

Awesome interview... Darkness always delivers 🤘🏻😎
- Maus Manrique -

Adrian is a good producer but if you compare it to last of our kind I don't think he's any better than Dan
- Lucy fkn Rowe -

the Prductions from Dan Hawkins- are great...

1:31 What did he mean by that? Who? What?
- Mr. W -

Black Sabbath top 10 surely
- Eric Filsinger -

Whats the name of the film? Can I buy it somewhere?
- Actually Lilli -

I looove this band.
- Nadzya Octo -

Coolest dudes on the planet!
- warrant ct -

how do you like the new teeth?
- cave redecorator -

Excellent interview , someone did their home work , very entertaining, Thank you.
- Dan Patrick -

cool    great band
- rwendell0912 -

Great interview. Love this band I can't wait until I see them in March. It was really fun hearing them talk about Queen too and hearing Rufus, he adds so much to the band as the new drummer and that's so cool to see this incredible band continue to grow.
- Phoebe Mortensen -

Great guy, Justin. So honest and self-effacing. Just a hint of Alan Partridge about him at times too.
- 5h4k35p34r3 -

Great interview! I absolutely love this band and was lucky enough to see them in Montreal when they first toured Permission To Land. I have been anxiously awaiting their return. Also, my favorite band is Queen, so the fact that Rufus is now in the band makes me just like them even more.
- IvanMtl -