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He is an absolute role model to mankind.
- John Presnell -

toby tosin

He's a little scary...
- Sihle Gamede -

The millennial Jimi Hendrix right here.
- Nipulkrad Msinatagras -

Can u jam with Lars ulrich?
- Ernest John De Peralta -

So glad I did not pass out when Tosin smiled at me and talked to me in real life. I had to struggle to stay upright.
- Yustina X -

Everything about his playing skills has been said. So I came to mention how perfect his teeth are and I feel unworthy to look at that smile.
- detectfevi -

Man I can relate to the way he started. But he is light years aways from what I could even think. Great player. Highley influential. Thank you Tosin. And GC.
- Scott Faudree -

GOAT... hands down. I’ve heard em all
- DannyEye -

What a true inspiration
- Jake -

- Ethereous -

I'm so happy Tosin knows how to say Porsche correctly.
- Dylan Madsen -

287,000TH VIEW

What is the intro song?
- Harman Farwah -

he's just such a chill guy. i just wanna go grab a beer with him
- Your Dad's Blackberry -

1:25 Jesus Christ, if he got a paper cut he would bleed to death
- joga -

what so great about this guy? non melodic all the time...just fingering plucking every damn chords...except for the sexy 8strings guitar...well your fucking finger is only 5...haha.
- emirs -

superior musician...guys like tosin are taking modern-guitar to the next level.
- Jack Vai -

- Neo Maredi -

Honestly, Tosin has the perfect natural attitude to be a protagonist in a big feature film. Sort of like John Boyega.
- Joshua Cornell -