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Sorry I don't like the vocals. Instrumental is fucking brilliant though.
- Dude that does stuff randomly and posts about it. -

Dont ask how i found this im just super excited that i did
- Isaiah T -

I leave this on every Sons video but..... double kick drum: Check. Double Neck Bass Guitar: Check. Double Neck Guitar: Check. TRIPLE keyboards: Check........ Still only one mic for the singer. Starting to actually get a little disappointed about it, haha. Need to start writing songs requiring a voice modulator.... or megaphone..... a talk box..... something. I feel like Soto isn't utilizing enough tools. Like that mad hatter dude who is a one man doom metal band. Author and Punisher I think is his act. Whatever that dude uses for his vocals needs to be implemented here.
- doseofreality100 -

Great music, don't like the vocals
- Samuel PΓ©rez -

As much as I really love Sons of Apollo, I still look at Derek and think "When he grows up, he wants to be just like Keith Emerson"...I mean...Come on...he's getting there...but LOL...

For those triggered, that's a joke son, a joke.
- WreckDiver99 -

mybe next time they will bring a dragon or suprman playing the triangle

Dude. πŸ’Ž
- Ian Chamblee -

hearts :)
- Lunarsparkles1 -

Moar things... the band!
- Valkryst12 -

Gotta be one of the best intros in rock history 🀘🏼
- Ari Awan -

Was waiting for their new stuff.
- Martin Cardwell -

Mike protnoy Amazing...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
- Anton Sukarto -

- Elias Contreras -

4 Million views holy shit, that's some sort of recognition I guess !!! Long live prog !!!
- Damien L -

The new Dream Theater
- LPV Rock -

Soto is a monster on vocals
- LPV Rock -

Billy Sheehan master bass player!
- randy johnson -

Usually can't go wrong if Jeff Scott Soto is singing it
- Joe C -

tem um arranjo de teclado em umas partes que lembra muito The spirit of radio - Rush .
- Victor Bueno -
- salvatore ferrara -