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I dedicate this too my loving cat jade .she was a miracle friend and i think of her everytime i hear this song ..i miss my furry girl
- Gods convict -

gooi ff comment als je the kingdom mist ugh jeugdsentiment dit
- zzz -

WHAT GENRE IS THIS? The exact sub genre please(:
- Dirty Dan -

Ktoś pamięta jeszcze DNKU i HASA?
- Mazo Mazowsze -

Just discovered this music and really liking it! Guess I'm late to the party!😳
- Midwest MTBR -

Insanely AMAZING 👌🏼 🔥
- Sandie Lu -

Call of duty days any1?
- mohammed ahmed -

Ahhh this song takes me back
- Zedi -

This song on shrooms...
- Toby -

- Mohammed Afikur Rahman -

This is awesome
- Kamilla Iqbal -

2019 ?
- Rafayel Jlavyan -

эта музыка без авторских прав?
- Askoldoshka Official -

The best music I've heard and the best music in you channel
افضل موسيقى سنعتها في حياتي و افضل موسيقى في قناتك
- 한국나는 함께있다 -

I laugh at the silly mortal humans that shout for the rooftops that "Math is the language of the universe, he ha ha ha hu ha... Yeah, Howa, how 'bout you slove this totally not in any way pulled from my ass equation: R + H ÷ (OR over SR)=. With R being "Reality", H being "Humans", OR being "Objective Reality" & SE being "Subjective reality"
I leaning that the answer is: "Yin/Yang²∞"
...But I don't really know, cuz I'm not a good math (Or it is "maths"?) human, and I just so happen to be a human

If you read this (anyone at all), what answer would you give to my equation? Is it even constructed in the right mathematical format for what I'm trying to solve? #IDoubtIt

Here on November 11/7/2019 life has been crazy yeoo...
- AllStarPända KidPända -

after all these years... I have found it!
- PixelatedBrayden -

ive probably listened to this song once a month since its release, still good
- Nate -

This is music that transcends time. I enjoy listening in the morning, evening, night, on a sunny day or rainy day. Been carrying Blackmill with me since 2012. Peace and Love :)
- John -

Still remember 8 years ago when i first heard this song i was speechless.8 years later still speechless such a beautiful song. How this make me think and feel about this life this world this universe wow.... amazing
- Rlm13 -