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I promise too be the first too die faith ..fuck this world and your pride.get the mark of the beast ..your eternally damned
- Gods convict -

Favorite part of song AHHAHA!! AHHHAHA!!!
- Halomcr -

I think blackmill and blessthefall would be a good collaboration
- Brandon Byung-Ho -

Whos still listening in 2020, 9 years later? :)
- Rmn c: -

What happened to black mill?
- keivontae hill -

I discovered Blackmill’s music during my middle school days and I remember going on road tips and just listening to these songs on repeat. Now I’m so close to graduating and I always manage to come back to listen. Kind of therapeutic/calming to just relax while Blackmill plays in my headphones. I won’t ever forget about Blackmill and how much their music impacted my life and taste in music.
- Alina -

Everything’s a miracle to those with the eyes to see ;)
- Enlightened Mumbo Jumbo -

After all these years I keep coming back to the same album and the music makes me feel emotions I can’t explain. <3
- STIX -

3:23 EPIC!!!!

man this is the music the world needs right now wat is happenin
- CharlsShadowS -

Bruhhhh haven't heard this since I was smoking bud and playing RuneScape years agoooo
- R J -

Blackmill: Miracle. As timeless as the oceans. Where memories and dreams collide. We are connected. We are one. Forever.
- Michael Menges -

Miss this sound...
- BirdLaw 101 -

Good old times...
- Péter Bordi -

I love the visual with Blackmill videos..
- Grey Fox -

9 years later still the best voice chopping ever made.
- Joey Enniss -

Классная мелодия!
- Serega Da -

Dont worry blackmill, ill never leave
- Quang Huy Nguyễn -

Ddg kingdom
- Joas Hendriksen -

2020, but a fan since 2013
- Dj P -