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Black mill and smoke a bowl or 2 or 10
- Prettyravegirl1991 -

always actual ♥
- Чёрный Медведь -

I just dont understand how rappers, that use a $2.00 beat app and terrible voices and no love for music in the heart, make millions. But Artists like you, amazing, talented, and beautiful not get as much or more recognition and money. People like you deserve more love in this world.
- Meddling Tail -

So many pulsing-layers... comes in mind-waves... so, sit back, eyes-closed... and ... journey.
- Kenneth William Elkington -

battlefield 3 edit the eyes i came from
- Circassian Circassian -

I remember Nostalgia time

The perfect background track for a night time big city downtown chill ride..
- FoxtrotOneZero -

I eat ass
- Johnathan Miranda -

For all the times I've tried to make someone else understand, I'm glad someone else made me understand.
- snowhalo976 -

Comments from 5 years ago jeeze time flys
- Mr G Productions -

This was my EDC moment
- FA-RIZZO 1 -

Looks like Hie from DTB.
- Yellow Fall -

in 2019
- Chiranthaka Samarasekara -

- Ted Carr EXTRA -

This music after alot of tough rollercoaster life in the past gives you alot of uplifting feelings to think about. I feel so great! All tho i feel sad that Blackmill has quit this kind of meaningful music. Love for the people ♥️
- Jan-Henrik Nyh -

your music lifts my heart and gives me goosebumps, wonderfull!
- Unknown Person -

I feel old listening to this :l
- 1li1t -

If I time traveled back to 2011, this is all I would have needed
- A james -

Good one
- Freshy Jones -

Can i use this music in my yt video?
- AJ BerZerK -