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Chill Chill Blackmill
- Marvin Ramsenthaler -

Legal, descobri essa música numa pré estréia do jogo Next Car Game. É interessante pois esse som tem um plano de fundo espacial, e consegue misturar elementos felizes com melancólicos.
- William Possamai -

listening in my studio with two JBL 18” and some hifi mastering speakers so you can really feel it and crystal clear
- david king -

2020 and still here
Never leaving
- freetoad5 -

2020 still here. 2:30 mark still sending chills.
- KeyBump1 -

10 freaking million.. Well done Blackmill. every single view is more then deserved. <3
- Poolz -

Play all blackmills songs when i departure from this human experience & i really do hope they have music as beautiful as this on whatever is next
- High Frequency -

Welcome to 2020
- Xeno -

I can smell my body rn listening to this
- GentlemanNietzsche -

This is the bestt💖2019 almost boutta end still here.
- meenu chugh -

Still a great tune in 2019!
- William R King -

Still listening to this daaaaay ❤
- Sylvia Guevara -

A l w a y s & F o r e v e r ⭐️🎄🎁💝
- bk-x records 記錄 -

- AMAAR 86 -

Love this music blackmill is great <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
- doom SLAYER -

Who else is here because of live PD
- Anjin Rider -

I dedicate this too my loving cat jade .she was a miracle friend and i think of her everytime i hear this song ..i miss my furry girl
- Gods convict -

gooi ff comment als je the kingdom mist ugh jeugdsentiment dit
- zzz -

WHAT GENRE IS THIS? The exact sub genre please(:
- Kim Jong-un -

Ktoś pamięta jeszcze DNKU i HASA?
- Mazo Mazowsze -