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- johnp 85tx -

Slightly Autistic ???
- grengd -

Howard Sterns smarter older brother🤣
- Aaron Brewer -

Thing is.................the Ramones were not and never were a punk band. No matter what they said.
- fasthracing -

Joey Ramone and well The Ramones is something I stumbled across way to late literally. Joey sat there was wide open for ridicule, but came across is such a lovely human being and that nauseating suit cunt I would gladly strangle after. Literally interviewing a fuckin icon and he makes merry fuck off you little cunt........................Legend Ramone is putting it mildly Connan is a cunt.

What a legend. Rest In Peace.
- Grumpy cat -

- simon L -

Looks like a crazy cat lady
- mn xz -

Johnny rotten is better than the fuckwits of the ramones...for example the ramones isn't punk rock it's progressive surfer rock...wailst the sex pistols are fucking best as!
- LJ E -

“How nice of you to take care of these retaurded people” haha
- Eric Beretta -

6:23 so sad to hear him say this knowing that he died only a short two years later... rip Joey
- Shawarma Boy -

A true rock God. Everyone else is just a pretender.
- Jason Pucket -

- Byrd Main -

saw the Ramones 11 times. Glad we saw them on the farewell tour.
All gone, now.
God bless Joey. God bless the Ramones.
- shirley lacour -

- Compliment Thief -

He’s eating chicken cos he’s the drummer and it’s a drumstick! DUH!
- Compliment Thief -

God bless ya Joey ! Rest in peace
- ** -

That was one sharp mofo! Totally enjoyed this, thanks Tommy R-
- HaveMercyMissPercy -

Really sad when Joey said he wanted to settle down one day and then died only two years later.
- DarkStorm Productions -

Rock and Roll High School!!! Gabba Gabba HEY!!
- jasminne mcdonald -