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Dead Kennedys and ramones🤗
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I wonder if he ever hung out with Ace Frehley
- Snowblind -

Joey Ramone looks like the nerdy guy in every teen drama movie or sitcom when he starts to hang out with the bad boys
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- Mikael Ullenius - ya know where Howard Stern stole his look from! EH..OH!!
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RIP Legend.
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Понятно с кого слизали Вечерний Ургант
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He is taller than Connan.
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4:38 that's a bit rich coming from the land of Budwesier
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Very articulate guy. I was expecting mumbles and blabber like you might get with Ozzy.

BTW, these guys were of the right age - did any of them go to Vietnam? Anyone know?
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Saudade,grande Joey.
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is joey ramone secretly howard stern?\
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I wish I kinda pissed in my dad's beer he doesn't drink anymore though missed opportunities
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Some people here mention in the comments section that they think it's sad that Joey said he wanted to settle down while we now know that he died barely 2 years after this interview with Conan.

I also think it is very sad that Joey died at the age of 49, way too young. He was my favorite Ramone, so to speak. Yet I don't think Joey really meant that he wanted to settle down. I rather think that Joey Conan simply gave socially desirable answers. He practically repeats Conan's question a little without really answering it. He leaves it in the middle, just look at the transcript of this interview from 6:20:

Conan: you’re still a single guy, playing the field?
Joey: Yeah
Conan: Do you ever think you’ll settle down?
Joey: I hope so
Conan; yeah?
Joey: at some point
Conan: You want to do that or you like living the lifestyle?
Joey: I like the “life”
Conan: You like the “ life”. Let’s talk more about the “life” afterwards

So if Joey really wanted to settle down at the age of 48, who knows? He keeps it kinda vague and it’s his right to do so. But saying that Joey really wanted to get married? I didn't know Joey personally, but when I look at old interviews with him weather on YouTube or in magazines, and this one with Conan too, I honestly don't get a picture of a man who wanted to commit himself to someone for a long period of time except women like Linda and later Angela. Maybe they were the exceptions. And I don’t think that when you are possibly mortally ill you think about settling down. 

There is a documentary here "Joey Ramone - A Wonderful Life" in which his family talks, among other things. In that documentary, his mother says that Joey occasionally lived with a girl and that such a girl usually moved in with Joey. Then they had a relationship for a few years and as soon as the girl started to put pressure on him about a marriage he bought them an engagement ring, gave them some money and then said goodbye to such a girl. According to his mother, he would have done that a number of times. His mother describes his private life as that of someone who could not really commit himself for a long time. Partly due to the crowded and tight tour schedule and life of the Ramones. I think Joey was mostly a Ramone and outside of that he had a girlfriend but I don't think that although he liked small children (like the daughter of his ex Angela) he actually wanted a family himself. I don't think it matched his lifestyle even when he wouldn’t have died from cancer.
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What's with the dudes chin? He's got like a glass jaw.
- Frederick Green -

Yoko Ono was in The Ramones?
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Oi they gave him the dumb and dumber copper beer test so funny
- Happy Jack -

Kinda sad to see though, he's messed up.
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