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Don't Miss a Rundown:
- Premier Guitar -

How does he manage to get such a lovely tone using chorus and distortion together?
- Filippo Piovano -

, . .. .,.,;,,,,, ,
- Mike H -

I love the triad, I still have one.
- Brian W. -

Mighty Judas fuckin Priest!!!!!
- Bonora Kill -

Damn these rig rundowns must rly be rough on Bohlinger. Was just watching a rig rundown and dude had black hair. Very next rig rundown...completely gray.
- Michael DeFillippo -

Best one I’ve seen , love the V but glad we could hear the explorer
- Kelly Mahoney -

One thing about making it big is now your guitar tech gets to set up that floyd rose so you dont have to do it anymore.

Black Sabbath invented heavy metal, what are you on about? (I like JP, but c'mon.)
- supernash -

No one interviews like John because it’s all about the common link, the gear, regardless of music genre.
- Hvalpikk -

What a top guy, such a gent too
- Scott Hanley -

Norm Macdonald is that you?? Lol
- Nicholas St. John -

Was already huge Priest fan but now huge Ian Hill fan.
- James J LaRue -

Black Sabbath were the founding metal band!
- Martin Clayton -

Judas Priest, Absolute Legends 👍👍👍.
Melbourne, Australia.
- John Roberts -

- Grant Funderburk -

not a judas priest fan at all.
but a huge rig rundown fan
- baba yaga -

One of the best rig rundowns I've seen! Great information and detail.
- DRB -

I love these and have a lot of respect for you JB, but dude you gotta lose the jeans. Just not a good look. Otherwise awesome interview
- Scott Waters -

Haha, 34:50. . .Rush. . The very first few seconds of the video, Rush ‘Finding My Way’.
- magicsinglez -