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Ich wette °()°
- Wolfgang Hornung -

- マルハチチャンネル -

Panama City Beach radio played it at least 10 times a day when it came out. We had NO INTERNET. OH, the good old days...
- Ken Osburn -

Spring break PCB !
- Ken Osburn -

You better like this song
- Richard Oki -

My favorite the who song by far. Roger daltrey is so underrated. Ratt and hall and oates will always rule!
- Michael Bauer -

Michael McDonald would be proud.
- Timothy Maynard -

Such a splendid song!
- tonytygrrHI -

One of my favorite Who songs ever
- Jeanette Duda -

Ya better...js.
- Well-Done One -

- tyronerodgers -

Lol...lovin the Piano riff at 1:19 done on a Prophet 6 😁 ummmm...that aint a Prophet Piano
- Just Aname -

Been screaming "YOU BETTER " alot lately.
- Bon Bon -

If you wanted to hear one track that epitomizes The Who it would be this one.
At their peak they were a phenomenal band.
- Red Squirrel -

Tengo 25 años y me siento sensacional de llevar mi vida con The who los vi primera vez en mi bello Mexico City, #Thewho #Roger #Keint #Pete #Edw #YouBetteryoubed
- Marina Vergara -

Rogers voice is so clutch. My 9th grade revolved around The Who and specifically this song. I soon realized the genius of PT and his awesome solo work. The Who has something more for me than the stones. I can’t articulate why other than The Who seemed more rebellious and at the same time completely authentic and genuine. I was thrust into their words and sounds back in the 80s up to present time.
- Tim Gainnes -

Possibly the peak of Townshend's songwriting.
- davegto67 -

classic rock
- Joesph Christner -

Fantastic! This Song is the Apotheosis from The Who!
- Andi Wolff -

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- Mouko#1 The Real One -