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Tohle je pořád velkej luxus <3
- Nelca Hurdalkova -

and that I'm sordid; whatever that meant.
- Chaff Mack -

"to hell with the channelers." Don't take it personally, it's just that right now they're telling me: "not the way I'm wired."
- Chaff Mack -

Heavy weight = I got a new birth !!
- Jayson Samuel -

this is a really good album, girl I like introduced this to me and now im hooked!
- Awal Yusoff -

- pochya pochya -

brings back memories <3
- Alexandria -

Classic album
- RawkCSSable -

Cant help but to hear guns n roses in the flow towards the end.
- Robert Hokkanen -

- Planer -

- DerArty -

Orgasmic blend of trance and metal !
- Evil cat -

The good old years before they sold out and made fucking dubstep.
- kjullien -

I would like to hear heavyweight instrumental live! :)
- Bendar Multimedia Słupsk -

oujäer wat pomp, rattataa
- Risko Real -

This is hands-down their best album
- liuton2005 -

I discovered this band today on the pandora radio app

"Oh damn they put KK Slider in the booth"
- Voz Anderson -

Wow. Just wow. My 23 year old son turned me on the them. I am 48, Ive been in and out of electronic over the years, whatever you want to call all of its incarnations. He heard me playing some shit one day and said "Dad, you got to check these guys out".
This is the first full album Ive listened to, working in my garage. The sound is varied! Refreshing!! I hear many earlier styles here, and holy shit some awesome guitar work:?!?!. Its more of a composition, it has movements, sections. It lives and breathes. YESSS!!!! Always happy to tune in to some good new (to me) music!!!!
- 2stroke1971 -

I REMEMBER THE FUCKING FIRST TIME I EVER LISTENED TO THIS. I was high as fuck like I just started smoking then I was having orgasmic spasms then....... FUCKING THENNNNNNN HEAVYWEIGHT CAME ON. Started slow like hmm ok ok then the drop had me dead as fuck. Then the song just gracefully finishes off leaving u tingling
- cold water -