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They came to my university and played Becoming Insane for a small group of us, maybe 100 or so people. Everyone else was off seeing Mac Miller. Nothing against Mac, but I think I made the right call. Best vibe of any dj set I've ever been a part of. Danced with literally everybody there. We were all there for the same thing. Good shit to relive.
- Jay Narwhal -

Vicious Delicious is so fucking DIRTY@!!!
- JP Next -

0:00 - 1:10:22 best parts
- JP Next -

I, when I did not know the data of the composers, thought that acid could not be popular.
Oh fuck, how wrong I was!
- rPyCTHblu APTEM -
- Media TV Alaa -

22:42 ft. K.K. Slider
- Ellie McGowan -

Found infected through the you tube worm hole about 6 mounths ago. I must say i haven't heard a bad song. I just put an exspensive system in my scion xa started listening to dubstep bass tracks. Im a 50 year old 80s metal thrash head. And would never of entertained the thought of edm. I can't pick a fav. Infected song too many masterpieces. They are so diverse never same old beat or style. I thought daft punk was great they were around in the 80s . Thank you infected mushroom for all your hard work and time that goes into your alblums. I will always be metal at heart but infected stole it.
- Mark Evans -

- Александр Шахманов -

olha o achado que eu fiz nessa quarentena :0
- OoweCc -

- crazy chanchan -

- crazy chanchan -

- crazy chanchan -

- crazy chanchan -

Boring, monotoneous pseudo-music, nothing but noise without melody or structure. Afew minutes of music to listen or dance and the rest is total shitt.
- alan roig -

special place has the most epic buildup in entire history of electronic dance music
- FR33 MiND -

Mis meros moles en la secundaria. Inche 2007 - 2011 Era feliz y no lo sabía.
- Juan Andrés Nuñez -

0:00 Becoming Insane
7:22 Artillery
11:52 Vicious Delicious
19:18 Heavy Weight
27:58 Suliman
34:11 Forgive Me
37:42 Special Place
44:37 In Front of Me
49:06 Eat It Raw
55:39 Change the Formality
1:03:24 Before
- Kiur 1999 -

one of the dopest albums least in this genre...
- J Ingram -

everything's good but the vocals...
- Tea of the GODS -

Sigue activo
- xXAXx -