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I can never get tired of "Mr. Crowley"! 😁
- The M.A. -

(Slowly enters sea of black tears)
- Zoey McCabe -

Love snorting coke and listening to Ozzy!!!
- JDAM Ya Dick -

- chris eddings -

U.S festival of 83 πŸ€˜β˜οΈβœŒοΈπŸ‘πŸŽΈπŸŽ΅πŸ˜Ž
- Sean Penn -

You: no homo
Me, an intellectual: mr Crowley it’s symbolic of course
- Ansel Roberts -

i got an ad in the middle of the song
- Controller Thumbs -

Might get bashed for this comment, but this song in my opinion is more Christian than majority of the so called Christian songs out there.
First when I saw the title and who is the artist, I judged too quickly, thinking it was some sort of fan/tribute song to Aleister, but the lyrics are really emphatetic and reasonable.
This song reminds me of the lost sheep parable.

"Your life style to me seemed so tragic
With the thrill of it all
You fooled all the people with magic
You waited on Satan's call
Mr. Charming, did you think you were pure"

"Was it polemically sent?
I wanna know what you meant
I wanna know, I wanna know what you meant"

Truly a masterpiece.
- Regz Zuse -

- LoverOf Thiefs -

This song is about one notorious Midlander singing about another notorious Midlander
- Richard Fitzhenry -

One of the great crimes of humanity: Randy Rhoads solo in the outro getting the fade out treatment...
- RSM82 -

If not for the Mr. Crowley, I'd be just another long lost cause, dead in the middle of the road several times over. It was he who understood that there is merit in Chaos, and thus paved the way for the lost to find themselves by standing still in the midst of it. This song is just but one of the more widely known of the many, many ways his essence continues to resonate. Honestly, it's kind of hard not to love a guy who lives on through campy metal and toothy anime characters.
- Pensive Scarlet -

Do people see why he is the godfather of metal.
- The Unknown -

How much you wanna bet this is Mark Sheppard's favorite song
- Crystal Gem -

Where are we in God's timeline ?
- Brian Nash -

Who was mr crowley, what project was he working on ,how did it get to where it is today?
- Brian Nash -

This is my favorite version of Mr. Crowley. Randy's solos have so much more character over the HD version.
- M Lang -

More like Mr COVID-19.
- I Drone -

Great one!
- Carl Parker -

Dork music
- bill291212 -