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Roger really nailed it with his vocals on this song by John Entwistle.
Trick of the light is John's tour de force Rock song ever.
- Martin Ramsdale -

There are 3 different versions of this great song. One is the original mix and the second is in the expanded version of the album. Then also the live version that John Entwistle sings, included on the "Join Together". live album. It was released as a single, but sadly, was not a hit.
- Luis Corro -

"What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" reminds me of the line "I'm getting pretty tired of having to say do you come her often?" from "Getting in Tune."
- IchBin Vegetarische -

"Whats a nice girl doing in a place like this" Ha ha
- Jeanine Rose -

@theseeker23 #theseeker23 theseeker23 ; The Seeker 23, 23 23Skidoo, ThankYou For ALL YOUR POSTINGS~❤️Bravao BRAV's Bravoa!🌀 d tf Chgo🕴
- dan thefan -

the best
- Baryonyx Fischkralle -

Those pants are so badass
- just.a.bolivian .dude.13 -

That's scary!! Reading the comments and see a 6 year old comment I made.....
- Gage Moss -

a 13 boludos no les gusta!!!
- pibecabeza -

Absolutely love the 8 string bass :-)
- t o -

Underrated Who song, best on this album.
- Ron Homolka -

I love the 70's clothes and haircuts much as I hate the 80's clothes and haircuts
- just.a.bolivian .dude.13 -

Greatest rock band ever
- Mark Mosier -

To a French girl in Germany & her ceiling was peeling with the red light shinning out the door. How I loved being an American Airmen....
- Aresfire2 -

The song playing through my head as I walked the red light district in Amsterdam...
- Eric B -

Like Pete’s guitar and Keith’s drums very much on this song.
- Bart Hill -

at it's best, prostitution can make all involved feel slimy --- more typically prostitution is usually an awkward loser helping a junkie get a fix or helping a pimp abuse women and girls (children)
- mi channnal -

"trick of the light" he is a trick
- mi channnal -
- scott tracey -

Best group ever !!!
- Marcos Borges -