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Very dominant explanation ! Good
- Mopedersen -

- Natasha Genzler -

dean ML is surprisingly the most comfotable guitar ive ever played.
- A Teen With Taste -

This was very entertaining, and should be mandatory for all parents entering a music store.:) I have talked to parents about guitars and most do not have a clue and appreciate sincere help. Cool vid!!
- Roland Lemus -

Here in Israel stores are selling starter packs by pairing gear all by themselves. It's usually a lowend Schecter/lowend PRS SE/G&L Tribute or a Sterling SUB, a Line 6 Spider 15 or a Gallien Krueger MB108 (if it's a bass starter pack), an Ernie Ball strap, a Stagemaster cable and some Ernie Ball picks
- Mr. Goldbar -

As a 14 year old guitar player, I'm almost always doing research of between 2 weeks to a year about gear that i want in my parents budget (unless it's a spontaneous 2nd hand purchase) and after stopping the research i go to the store with my parents and buy the gear
- Mr. Goldbar -

thanks allot
- Anıl Andre Çağlar -

Been playing guitar for 5 year and I enjoy playing it so much. I have an epiphone special 2 (my 1st guitar) A gibson les paul studio 120th anniversary edition (2nd guitar) and an epiphone riviera custom P93 (3rd). I love them all but I've spent too much money. I also have a bass. Anyway good luck to new players!
- Jaspersamuel -

Thanks to this I just chose the perfect guitar for me. Great video! Super helpful.
- Nonexistenttt -

I disagree completely on the whole Vs are not comfortable the only reason I have one is because I find it comfortable to have it sit in the up right classical playing position with one wing between your legs
- Nicodemus Brady -

what do you think about a squier bullet Stratocaster for a beginner
- rodolfo carrillo -

Actually, for ppl with small hands especially, electric is ideal, as it is far easier to play, therefore can get more practice time without hand being tired out.

Don't risk getting used lemon. Jst go buy a brand new good low end guitar, like a Fender Squier HSS for only $100. Can't beat it. Then get an all purpose brand new great amp like Fender Mustang II for 200. That's 300. And the amp will b good into advanced lvl.

Starter packs r waste of money. Prob everything that was came in it will b very unsatisfactory and either the person will give up playing or end up jst buying better stuff.

For very small kids, u can even get a 3/4 size Fender Squiers.

Disagree that active pickups sound best for distortion. Matter of taste. Personally not a fan of active pickups as they deaden your tonal senses. Personally drains me of energy listening to active pickups for too long.
- S1iznc1d3 -

I want to start learning how to play guitar (I really want to learn to play metalcore), but I have no idea what to buy
- Crispy C -

can you add a humbucker
- Diego Perez -

Wow I like my cameo at 3:31
- DIY Builds -

i want to buy a guitar but i think the warlock or the flying v are much cooler than the others. do u think its worth
- Daniel B. -

At which part of the neck should you check the action height?
- Azurel777 -

What do you think about chapman guitars?
- Car -

How many frets is best for a beginner?
- Rayene Boussetta -

When you said Flying V u showed a Randy rhoads
- Bence Patyi -