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Random people who like this will be a millionaire some day.
- Het Choksi -

Who’s here after Eminem “RapGod” countdown post ? Let’s make it 2B btw
- Het Choksi -

hmmm diablo?
- mlody_shinobi -

와 처음에 불타는 배경이 뭔가 했는데
결국엔 자기 여친 태워 죽인거구나
- •방금 전 -

Let Push this to 2b friends
- Kelvin Awuah Justice -

This video needs a 2B views counter
- Aamir Al Amoudi -

Wow on repeat fronm last 5 days
- karan bir -

2 billion people out of the 6 billion other people have watched this
- SpotTugBoat7057 Eck -

I love this song
- the lego master -

- Daniel PH -

window pain
- Jack Brandon -

not gonna lie Skylar grey sang it better than Rihanna
- Onyx Hurtz -
- Ripo Mrabat official -

I gotta aim it like a 🏈
- The3DShow -

Imma come back and update this comment until it hits 2 billion
- Justin Wilson -

You wanna blackball me.your a trailer trash a bos.we aint on the same level.but trash is trash regardless how much you make.test me.
- The3DShow -

God this song hits me in the feels Everytime I listen to it
- bodi caccia -

This song makes me happy not upset❤✊
- Z. A -

I wont do that to you.ems just an an angry troll
- The3DShow -

I'll get it to 2billion myself
- Unknown -