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Whenever someone uses drum triggers for drum replacement, Glenn gets T R I G G E R E D
- Ich Und Nicht Du -

Great tip ! I would have never thought of using my triggers for this.
- Ryan P Gallant -

great, but I don't get it how to set this up in cubase. Can someone write an instruction?? I have a recorded trigger track and a snare track. My standard cubase gate doesn't have "pre-open". Do I need a trigger software and a special gate?
- Mats Acane -

do you apply this to toms as well?
- Lucas Zumbahlen -

cant wait to try it
- Lucas Zumbahlen -

Ok here’s an honest question: can you sample each of the kits drums so those are real, then record the entire drum performance correctly BUT also trigger simultaneously but with room effect on those triggered sounds you recorded earlier to re create or fake a larger room? Not sure if I explained it correctly
- DRILL 2.0 -

ingenious even
- GORF -

I've been using this trick live for bout 30 years. I have my own drum rack with a 16-channel mixer, Valley People 4-channel gates and a few dbx 166A's and 166X's and it works beautifully live. When I got into recording, I had already been doing it live so i just applied it to my recordings and people were freaking out that I was getting this amazing drum sound on a shitty old Fostex A4 1/4" 8-track (It only had 4 inputs, so you could only record 4-tracks at once. Totally sucked balls, but for $400 for an 8-track R2R that actually worked, I couldn't complain.)
- Tim Brown -

Nowadays you have lookahead in a lot of plugins, you can easily avoid all this process as it opens exactly at the beginning of the transient
- Indigo Prod -

I saw the title and my jaw dropped. Just for a second.
- McTwish von Noodles -

How do you run the trigger into your DAW? Do you need to run an XLR from the trigger into your interface or will you need some sort of MIDI brain to process the trigger hit into something (in my case) Cubase can process?
- Spenser -

What's so bad about Mic bleeding???
- Miguel Moran -

If the trigger track is ahead lets say 5ms why is there a 5ms pre-open needed ? That would be a 10ms delta between the gate opening and the snare hit - Assuming the gate opens fast
- Dave Thomson -

Side chaining is really cool especially with a compressor/limiter.
- Mark Keneson -

I did not understand one God Damn thing he just said.......errrrrrrr......
- Night Wolf -

These dumbass people talking about triggers. It's ok to use amps,but you can't use triggers? Shut up with that bullshit!!
- Gary White -

thanks for the tips, it can be usefull to control the opening of a noise gate.
- Meteotrance -

I love the sound of Ted Parson's drums in the albums he did with Prong. I'm told that effect is acquired with a gate and compressor? The specific Prong albums I'm referring to are "Beg to Differ", and "Prove You Wrong".
- Haplo Teromaximus -

To be fair you don't have to use a DDrum trigger you could just copy the snare drum track to another track bump that back 5ms and use that as your side-chain signal.
- Pinkybum P -

saying samples suck is like saying guitar distortion sucks..
- Cyruslanager Lanager -