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i was thinking for days, which music ever touched me more... nothing ever touched me more than this one! i got tears in my eyes while listening....
- der verdächtige -

Enjoying this at Tokyo Narita International Airport - the type of place it is meant to be enjoyed at. My pragmatic point of view.
Anybody remember Music For
Airports by Brian Eno?
- James Morii Sumners -

grew up on the railrode with this song on my oldschool 128mb mp3 plaer...back in 2002/4 ! damn....ONE LUV
- DAS C -

Don't they have a song called "Let's Get Busy Y'all"
- William L. -
- Natalia Núñez Laca -

A masterpiece.
- Hadley Nieuwoudt -

Respect. 😁
- Csaba Tóth -

Struka :3
- Nikola Ramčević -

Cosmos! Can somebothy help me finding instrumental note writing for drums section in this?? PLEASE!
- pablo pablo -

Saved my life..... fuck man.
- William Perry -

Never been able to make out the sample at the midway point: "What do you call that? Beautiful, the feeling is just beautiful.!"
- MarcoVideoGamer -

Bonobo touch my heart with this track.
- Justino Andre -

It's 3:40 AM Friday morning in South Africa and I am feeling real good about today! This is the perfect song to kick things off smoothly.
- Sizwe Ndlanzi -

certainly some nostalgic notes, it evokes feelings of what it was and what could have been...
somafm brought me here
- ΛwΛᴋΞnΞd Indigo -

sweet song <3
someday i will alo have that much views :3
- Chirr Chill -

This deserves a music video.
- Tomppaanosful -

Thanks , this is still the shit !
- Chaunc -


Tum tum tum pa - tumtum pa - tumtum pa - tumtum tum tum pa - tum
- Robert Anthony -

This song it's like wine

When the time pasts it gets better
- ela ti egine -